Hello, my name is Christophe

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Hello all,

I have to confess that I registered to be able to follow the Academy course on being a LEGO reviewer.

I usually post on another forum (www.plug.pt), the Portuguese LUG forum, as it is where I'm living right now.

I say right now because I was born and raised in Belgium and I've lived in the USA and the UK as well.

Being married and having a little family of my own now won't make me move too soon...

I have loved LEGO since I was little. I owned some sets (Castel, Town, Technic, Space) in the 70th – 80th. I’m currently trying to get my old sets back as they stayed behind with all the moving I did.

I entered my dark age in high school and exited it this year with the magnificent SW X-Wing. I bought the SW trilogy (4-5-6) and from now on, it seems that I have to have them all… My wallet is complaining even if I decided to get only the models of episodes 4-5-6. Unfortunately, a lot of sets are already sold out; I should have gotten out my dark age earlier. Unfortunately as well there is that awesome Death Star (10188) lurking but it is way too expensive for European customers.

I was kind of stunned to see the differences between the sets I knew and the sets of today. It seems that the pieces are getting bigger and bigger. Pretty soon we won’t have anything to put together! However the are more realistic of course. Today’s horse (1 or 2 bricks) is much nicer than the one of the 80th.

I despise as well the stickers. I like much more printed blocks.

I do enjoy the improvement on the minifigures though. Facial expression, tons of “clothes”, accessories…

The instructions manuals are much better and the list of the parts is a plus. However, the colours are not the same as the bricks’ and because there are so many different colours now, it is not always easy to know which bricks to choose (a dark grey in the manual is actually a black brick).

With the years passing came the internet and the LEGO site of course. I discovered it this year as well and found it very well done. The Shop@Home section is very interesting and the LEGO Universe looks promising.

I could go on but would loose my afternoon…

Regards to you all and brickem bem.


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Now that is the kind of introduction everyone should have. :thumbup:

Welcome to our forums.


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Welcome To Eurobricks Cristophe.

You are more that welcome in the Academy - no shame in joining just for that.

Though I do hope you'll eventually participate in the site a little more than that.

Remeber to join the Academy here and you're on your way.

EDIT: Oh you already did :blush: my bad

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Welcome, Cristophe. Good intro, and have a good time while your here. :classic:

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Hi Christophe! Welcome to EB, Im sure you will have a great time here, I bet you cant wait to show your kids all the fun of Lego too

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