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Wrinkledlion X

ART: Nihu-Motara Energy Siphon Blade

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(Post lifted from BZPower. You may vote for it here if you want it canon.)


Category: Art: Hand-Drawn

Member: -Wrinkledlion X-

Weapon Name: "Nihu-Motara" Energy Siphon Blade

Bio: Orders were placed for the “Nihu-Motara” Energy Siphon Blade shortly before the Great Cataclysm. When Makuta Teridax took over Metru Nui by posing as Turaga Dume, he found many uses for the Toa defending the city- While most were merely sent to be killed by his hired Dark Hunters, two Toa were sent for a much more productive purpose.

Nihu, a Toa of Water, and Motara, a Toa of Stone, were shipped off to Xia to act as test-subjects for the new weapon, which would, like a Vorahk, be capable of absorbing a Toa or other being’s life force and channeling it through the blade.

The Energy Siphon Blade, which would only later come to be named after them, was given a series of prongs at the blade’s tip that, when scraped against, stabbed into, or even firmly pressed against a being, would absorb its raw strength and energy, both powering the sword and weakening the opponent. This made it a very effective tool against Toa, Skakdi, and other powerful beings.

Three models were produced- Model B, Model C, and Model D. B was designed for Toa-sized beings, C for titan-sized beings, and D, through the use of Shrink- and Enlarge-Kanoka, can change size to accommodate a Makuta’s shape-shifting. (It is not available to anyone but the Brotherhood.)

Originally a Model A was conceived for Matoran-sized beings, but it was deemed unprofitable and was scrapped early on.

It is not without its disadvantages, however- Though testing on Toa Nihu showed it to be highly effective on beings of low or average strength, testing on Toa Motara demonstrated that it can absorb only so much power from the stronger elements such as Stone, Earth, and Iron. They generally have a stronger resistance to it.

It is assumed that it can also control the life force of a Makuta, but the Brotherhood has outlawed testing of this nature with punishment of death.

And a note: Though technically its official name is "'Nihu-Motara' Energy Siphon Blade," nobody in their right mind would call it by such a name in everyday speech. Most either abbreviate or refer to it as the "Nihu-Motara."

If you're wondering, it's all been approved by Greg. I know it uses new characters, but he's OKed it.

I also thought I'd give the Xians their own font. Circles and hexagons had been used up, but triangles hadn't and they seemed like they'd be fitting.

Also, I gave Makuta Teridax a little seal up in the top right corner based on this old symbol. It used to appear on everything related to him, and I was a bit disappointed when the atlas came out and I found out that the Brotherhood had a separate symbol. It seems only logical to me that it should represent him, at least.

Also, the weapon's appearance was inspired by this.

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