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Hi everyone, this is my first review on LEGO sets here. Hope you guys like it.

And I would like to apologise for the bad quality pictures. Hope you guys don't mind. :sweet:

First I will start with the box art.

Box art:

I guess this is the first time that LEGO Star Wars sets use white and blue colour for their box. I like the new colour scheme, a nice blend though.

Here's the front:


The back:

Not to waste space on the box LEGO do some advertisement to attract us to buy more sets. :grin:the more


The side:

At the top side there is this minifigs scale picture. It is great as we get to know the real size of a minifigs.



The contents consist of a sticker sheet, instruction book, and 8 packet of bricks.

The packer are not numbered. But it is ok as there is not much pieces.


Instruction book and random page:

As usual the instruction book have brick checklist, other sets pictures, and tutorial on how you should assemble your set (I mean the very first page).



Sticker sheet:

There is not much sticker sheet and is a great news that the Republic logo on the round plate is printed unlike Republic Gunship. Anyway, I didn't apply the stickers.


The Commander Gear:

This is a new thing to minifigs as well. Well is like Batman accessories, they pack it in one small packet. However, you only get one commander gear pack in this set. Anyway, i didn't use them.


The minifigs:

Well, we get the the new minifigs. The ugly face clone, new printed torso and new mold of helmet. However i not really like the new head stud, i prefer a black one or at least the one like Jango Fett, black colour with face.

The helmet:

Everything is printed, no holes at the visor there, but there are hole on the both side. This new helmet mold also made the headgear turn 360 degree freely. :laugh:


Without helmet:


With helmet:


You can see the flesh tone at the hole beside. :hmpf:



The blasters:

@ short blasters were given instead of long one. Is great, at least they give us two blasters instead of one.


The tank:

Here is the pics of the tank. It was not badly design nor nicely design. But it looks great if you didn't saw the beneath or under the tank.

View from front:


View from side:


View from back:


What's beneath?

Under it was 4 wheels, to make it move fluently. It is made by the thread supporter like the one we fet from TIE Crawler or Bat-Tank


The functions:

Well firstly, you can open up the hood (I guess) to see the engine.


Secondly the side cannon that can move upwards. The thing is quite tight (see random instruction page) and there is barrier to block the cannon from going downwards.



The cockpit:

Well the cockpit is small and the space is limited. The monitor stuff is printed brick and is another great news. You have to remove the piece (pic below) to reveal the cockpit and put your clone to pilot it.



Pop-up gunner mechanism:

Well the backdoor have a thing to attack to the seat of the gunner. The top hatch is very loose. So it there is a clone as a gunner and you open the back door, the clone will pop-up and automatically open the hatch on top.




This is how the top looks like without a clone. There is this movable cannon (upwards, left and right) and a little keyboard thing with it. But the cannon fall off quite easily.


The flick launching missile mechanism:

The mechanism is on both side and you need to turn the thing inwards to reveal the flick fire mechanism.

Below are the pic of how it is turned.




You can keep you blaster at the front of the side. There are place for you to store them. It close nicely.



This is how it looks like.



Extra parts:

There quite a number of them.



This set is not bad. The price is quite expensive but you will like it. The pop-up mechanism is something new (to me) :tongue: but this set have more function and 2 Clone Trooper with a pack of Commander gear.


-2x Clone Troopers

-high playability

-nice design


-a little expensive

-sticker sheet

-cannon on top falls off quite easy

Edited by KimT

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Thanks for that very elaborate review :thumbup:

Nice to have several pics from different angels.

Amazingly well done if this is your first

I've added a poll and will index this review within this week (along with all the other topics I am to index :sceptic: )

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Yes, the review is great indeed, I love in-depth reviews with tons of photos! :thumbup:

As for the set - I'm not planning to buy it, but it looks OK. :thumbup: I think it's a good tank.

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Wow, this is one great review! :thumbup: Fantastic pictures, this looks like one cool set with heaps of neat functions. A shame it doesn't include exclusive figures (like Ahsoka and Captain Rex in the AT-TE or Plo Koon and Asajj Ventress in the Gunship), but you can't have everything. So again, thanks for this sweet review! :thumbup:


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Thanks for this great review, baby :thumbup:

I like the clarity of your photos, and the description is well written.

I'll try and see if I can gather the money for this one (fingers crossed) :laugh:


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"bad quality pictures"? What's wrong with them? This is a great review and thanks! :sweet: I was planning on buying this set and no others but the price stunned me. Thus I bought the AT-TE and the RGS.... :blush: The set is better than I thought though; I might do as Mutley did and make my own! :tongue:

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Thank you KimT for adding the poll.

Hehe. This is my first review so, I'm not so confident about the pictures.

Thank you guys for viewing and commenting. :classic:

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Nice Review :thumbup:

i hope i can get this set [As well as Agents, City & Other SW stuff...]

And nice pics, i didnt think they were bad, i thought they were pretty good :classic:

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Splendid photos and well written review! I love it. I've owned and built mine and must say it's a good set and the tank don't disappointment in terms of design and playability.

I got mine stickered, well been a perfectionist I am :p

Thanks again for the review that it should deserved :D

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Baby, I will like to take a moment to said "Outstanding piece of review for your first attempt!" :sweet:

You have done well with the pictures and its flow. I have to admit that I love this Fighter Tank very much. The downside of it which is overpriced, and two Clone troopers do not really justify the purchase. Well, if I have the spare cash, I will defintely get one of this. Keep it up.

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Thanks for the really cool review baby :thumbup: . I think this is an awesome first attemp for your first review: It flows well, really good pics and many pics :thumbup: . In the set, I think this is a good purchase I will buy it when it comes out in the US and I think it is cool looking and the fuctions look neat :classic: .

Edited by darkrebellion

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This is a really nice set that i plan on picking up when it is released in the US.

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And done.

Thanks for the review.

I've listed it as "Review 2" since we've already got one of this set in the index.

Nice to have reviews to compare :thumbup:

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OOHHHHH! i REALLY want this set,too bad were i can get LEGO's all the Kiddy's snatch them up right before i get there.this looks awesome did you say that the body's are decals :sick: i like the little accesories that go on the clone commander.thanks for the review!

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Thank you for that very detailed and fine review, um, baby! :thumbup::tongue:

You showed off all the features of that tank in a really good and informative manner.

The set looks indeed better to me now than I thought at first hand.

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Hmmm, does that Academy have homeworks or assignments? :tongue:

Quite a few. :tongue:

I am sure it won't be daunting for you. You will just fit in fine.

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