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Trains & Town

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Building a Classic Lego Town: 7 Tips for a Terrific Tabletown

Preserving Your Lego: How to keep your sets looking new for years to come

Dino Attack, The Forgotten City Theme: Died Off Like the Dinosaurs or Formed the Foundation of Post-Apoc?

What Ever Happened to the Single Train Car? Rolling Stock Reluctance

Big Lego Brother is Watching: They Call it Police Surveillance

Classic Castle Towns: What Ever Happened to the Town/Castle Combination?

Set Design, Playability, and Other Considerations: What Do You Value More?

LEGO Health Care in Tabletown, Universal Health Care Option. Minifigs demand healthcare reform!

Tale of Two Lighthouses: Old Sailor's Yarn

Sizzling Summer Fun: Six Sensational Scenes

Aircraft Transport: Aviation & Adventure in Your Town

Fall Fascination: "Autumnize" Your Tabletown

Interesting Topics & Discussions

Floating Lego Boats: Move Over Rubber Duckie! (Discussion re. floatable hulls vs. brick-built hulls)

Classic Chocolate Factory: #1620 Promotional Set (Discussion)

Town and Train Displays: Do you prefer to display MOCs or Official Sets? (Poll)

What Classic Town Set Did You Always Want? The set you never got (aka. Lost Legends) - (Discussion)

Modular Town Buildings Vs. Classic Style, Do the sets fit well together?

Seasonal Influence, How does the weather impact your Tabletowns?

Lego Farms: Western or City?, Is Farm really a City sub-theme?

What puts the CLASS in Classic Town?

What's Next for Lego Trains?, Speculation, Rumors, & Wishes

TRAINS or Towns: Which Theme Do You Prefer?

Green or Grey?, Which color roadplates do you prefer? (Poll)

Town Plan 10184 Favorite Building, What's your favorite structure? (Poll)

Combining City with Other Themes, What themes have you mixed with City?

Real Water in Your City, Brick Built vs. Sparkletts

Modular Madness: Which Modular Set is Your Favorite, Cafe Corner, Green Grocer, or Fire Brigade?

Your Modular Collection 28 Days Later, What do you do after the build?

Future of Farm, Top Choice or Pork Sausage?

City-Sizing Creator Sets: How to blend Creator homes into your Tabletowns

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