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6776 Ogel Control Center Review

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Set Review! 6776: Ogel Control Center!

Year: 2001

Set Number: 6776

Original Price: $49.99 USD

Swooshabillity: (Of the rocket) 6/10

Play Value 7/10





Random Page


This was kind of neat. The different sections of the set were packed in 3 boxes: The Boggle Rocket, The landing pad and bottom floor, and the tower.


Here is the little river that the sub from 7664 fits.


This pit under the landing pad looks like one of those tunnels where the exhaust goes. I just love those trans-orange cones! Don't find those much anymore! :thumbup:


This was kind of neat, though there should be a door of some sort to keep prisoners in. Also theres not much of a point for the stairs.

If you turn the skull orbs fall into a little dumper.



Then the dumper loads the orbs into the rocket:



Then the bottom closes and locks.




Another way to load the orbs is to stuff them through the opening side.


This tiny control center goes in the middle of the bottom floor. This would be useful for brickfilms.



Heres a mini escape-copter for Ogel to get away in while his Drones hold off AT.


Ogel is happy watching his minions do intensive labor.


But if the AT comes along and shoots the two pillars back,



Ogel's lookout spot crashes.



Part 2: The Boggle Rocket


It comes in 3 sections: The cockpit, the cargo bay, and the engine.




Open the little box on the side, and random skulls are inside. There isn't much point to this, but at least there is something inside.


Part 3: The Figs


This set includes Ogel, and two drones.


It's really too bad these guys haven't appeared in any other sets, as they are cooler looking then all the others and there is supposed to be an army of them.


Here is Ogel. Unlike the other two subthemes, he has no hook.

Up close (Sorry about the blurrines :tongue: )


Weird how on BL there is The Drone Commander and the Drone minion. I have no idea where where they got the idea.

The comic is different from the comic in the instructions inventory on Peeron. I think it was changed after 9/11.


And That is it! The pure simplicity of the build takes away from the play value, as I could build it in like, 30 seconds :sadnew:

If you are an AT fan though, DEFINETELY GET IT!

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Thanks for that nice pictorial review of a this fine old set.

I'll just move it to the proper forum.

Welcome to EB - what a way to start, with a well pictured review :thumbup::thumbup:

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if i recall right, it actually took me awhile to figure out that ogel backwards is lego. yeah, i wasn't the sharpest crayon in the toolshed back then.

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Great review, of what now looks like a great set. I had some of the older sets (I think I got all the deep sea) but I never got this one, which looks great, especially the rocket. :thumbup:

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I have this one. I got it mainly for all the trans-red parts, which were quite rare back then, but the ship it comes with is very cool. I love that bomb bay. The base is lacking in comparison and is too open, although there is a lot of room for expansion on it. The Ogel minions are pretty neat as well.

I believe they recalled this set at some stage due to the comic (which is not really suggestive of 9/11 at all IMO, but I guess they didn't want to take any chances), since the other Alpha Team sets were available for a lot longer than this one.

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Great review! :thumbup: Perhaps you could take slightly bigger pictures next time? Just a suggestion. :classic:

I never owned any of the AT sets, but I can tell this one is pretty good. Too bad there wasn't any AT agents with the set.

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I remember this set. I found it at a TRU for 75% off and couldn't resist the price. The strange thing was that it came with two complete sets of instructions. :wacko: The entire Ogel line, can't recall the theme name, wasn't half bad and encouraged playability.

Great review of a blast from the past. :thumbup:

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Wow, and people complain that a military type line would be to violent. Here we have half dead soilders and a space shuttle bombing people with severed skeleton heads! :wacko:

i have to say this is the first time i've heard of this theme. I like the colors as most have pointed out. The base plate is preety cool two. Could use it to moc up some garages.

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I am a proud owner of this set. Like others, I got it discounted and couldn't resit the parts pack. This is the type of lego sets that bothers me. When you look at it now, you'd be tempted to say "hey not bad", but at the same time, some years ago, it wasn't good enough to buy it full price. I was kinda disappointed because usually sets using that kinda baseplates are excellent (castle, paradisa), and this one is just "ok".

One really minus point would be the lack of any opponent faction in the set :thumbdown:

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That's IT! Thanks for the review but now you make me want to build my own one! THANKS A LOT!

ON a more serious note, I really like this set and have always wished to aquire it. I have two broken Tie Interceptors, so this should be a easy build.

And as someone in the pirate forum, I think, said, It would be a great baseplate for building cave to hide the booty!

Thanks PMG and welcome! :thumbup:

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Thanks for the welcome everyone! Though I'm still wondering where the Drone Minion/Commander idea came from.

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Thanks for the review PMJ :thumbup: . I like the play value in this set even if I donĀ“t own it :tongue: . The way the orbs are put into the rocket is awesome :cry_happy: and I really like it, but at the end the set have some lack of detail :sceptic: .

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