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The Cobra

Arctic Review: 6626 Snowmobile

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This is my first review, so I thought: the smaller (the set), the better!

6626 Snowmobile

Year: 2000

Subtheme: Arctic

Pieces: 20 (+1 extra)

Note: Polybag; 6577 is the boxed version

Price: €.1 + S/H on eBay MISP (Mint in Sealed Polybag!)

Building time: less than 2 minutes.

If it came out in the last months, if would be called an Impulse set. It actually came out a few years ago; being those my "dark years", I missed the Arctic line. Now that I'm back into business, I wanted some! But not all of the sets were good (or easily available). I had the chance to buy this one, and I0'm happy with it. As you can see below, it consists of a figure on a scooter; the only accessories are those chainsaws that lie on the sides (unless you take the skis from the scooter and have the minifig wear them!). The extra piece is a TransYellow 1x1 round plate.

According to Brickset and Peeron, the difference between box and polybag is the sticker "sheet". You choose whether the nose is better with or without the sticker:


I'd say "with".

The judgement: it's cheap, it has a cool minifig with a cool head accessory and a nice torso. I don't think I like that orange colour that much (and I can't understand why those blue pieces have to be... blue; I guess it's beacuse the whole line uses blue with orange!), but I have to say this is definetely a good set. I'd give it a 4 out of 5 in its category.

If you want to own at least a set per every theme, this could be your Arctic one.





Minifig (I hear you ask: what's that yellow thing on the left leg? Dust, or something alike):


The Snowmobile:



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Nice review Cobra. Thanks for sharing. I think Arctic was one of those neat themes that never really took off.

I like these little poly-bag sets as they make great starters/introduction sets for themes (or) serve as a nice supplement or add/on to an existing collection.

I've always liked the thick green hood piece used in the Arctic theme and have thought about using it in a SW Hoth scene.

In any case, nice review! I've got an Arctic set that I built recently and will share a review soon.

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