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Amsterdam travel report

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I was unsure where to start this topic, so I just put it in here.

Mods, feel free to move this to it's proper place if it doesn't belong here.

Now as for the event:

Last week I went to visit Captain Green Hair in Amsterdam. We (me and my girlfriend) spent 3 days in Amsterdam.

It is a pity that we only took pictures on the second day of our mini-event.

But there are many pictures of that fantastic day at Lelystad.

As most of you may already know, Captain Greenhair and myself are huge pirate fans.

At Lelystad we visited a great source of inspiration for both our projects, The Batavia wharf

At this wharf the Dutch people have already built a magnificent replica, The Batavia:




And they are in the progress of making a second one called "De 7 Provincie├źn" which was a 16th century ship of the line with 80 cannons on board.




We had loads of fun while visiting both ships and we got a lot of study material for both our projects.

The VOC ship Prins Willim and my L'

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Nice to see two Pirate maniacs having a blast together :sweet:!

Those ships look really nice, is that the on CGH will do a copy of?

I guess you had a couple of cold ones also :wink:!

Thanks for the report!


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You seem to have a Brilliant time!

So your coming to the UK?

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Wonderful report Errorist!

I envy you since I've never been on a big wooden ship like the one you visited.

I hope to visit one at some point in the future. My favorite would be the ship of Nelson (HMS Victory) or the HMS Rose.

However, this one would do just fine as well! Visiting a ship like this must be a wonderful source of inspiration.

While this fits in community, I'll move this to the Pirates forum. I'm convinced some people over there would love to see this report ;-)

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You two guys seem to have had a good time!

Nice to see two huge pirate fans having a good time.

Especially Errorist when he almost threw CGHs La Mort Royal on the ground. :pir-tongue:

Kind regards,


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17th century David. The Batavia is from 1628. The 7 Provinces is a 17th century ship as well :pir-tongue:

In any case, David is off to the UK and will not have internet access these two weeks. A lot of his pics however are on our shared photobucket account so if anybody likes to see more inspirational pics of the replica I'll be happy to post them here in his place. :pir-wink:

As for the weekend, I already told Greenhair and Errorist what I thought - a shame I couldn't be there - I have however already visited the Batavia myself seperately with my dad a month earlier so I don't mind too much about the entire ship replica thing :pir-laugh:

Edited by Hairy Ruben

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Nice report, but you forgot a few things boozing Belgian :pir-tongue:

After arrival we walked passed the replica ship ''Amsterdam'' and had dinner on top of the Nemo science center

(the green building):


After that i made them eat my horrible cookings and gave them a tour along my fleet.

When we realised we were out of beer and it was still nice weather, we decided to go down town Amstelveen where i live.

We stayed there untill approx. 02.00, they had to kick us out :pir-grin:

The second day we indeed visited the Batavia, wich is the best replica around these here parts IMO.

After our trip we decided to make a teambuild, and make the best whaleboat ever, here's the result:


Not really the best ever, but it's a start :pir-grin:

After that we had dinner and went to the Comedy cafe to see a stand up comedy show, the last comedian was definitly kick megablocks.

Since many times there are international comdeians during the holiday season, this can be a nice cafe to visit.

After that we wanted to go to the Hardrock cafe, but they were closing up, too bad.

We did get to see some smashed guitar though :pir-grin:

So i we decided to go to the waterhole, a cafe were often live bands play.

We had a great time in there, and while smoking outside, we almost saw a tourist get his megablocks kicked by the bouncer :pir-grin:

This guy was a one man funny flick inside, climbing on stage, falling down, etc... :pir_wacko:

On sunday we slept in, and then went back into town.

Errorist wanted to visit a certain famous Amsterdam shop i will not name.. :pir-tongue:

After that we had dinner at Burger King, wich they don't have in Belgium.......

And then it was back on the train again.

I had a blast, thank you for visiting me and come again! :thumbup:

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Here's one of me again but this time on a 16th century toilet:


Slap a tricorn on you and you really would look like a pirate :pir-grin:

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