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Okay here's my first entry:

1) fallentomato1.gif Monkey! I'm sort of surprised there wasn't already a monkey, every pirate needs a monkey. For when you are feeling mischievous (or helpful, depending on the monkey I guess). fallentomato1.gif

2) fallentomato2.gif Squawk! Are you noticing a pattern with my entries? :pir-wink:

3) fallentomato3.gif I think of this as a happy shark. The pirate animal smiley trilogy is now complete! I guess the crocodile is also a pirate animal, but I think I've spent enough of my morning on this already. :pir-tongue:

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1) wench.gif All hardy pirates need a wench!

2) sad.gif There wasn't any pirate emoticon that really expressed sadness.

3) cannonemot.gif A cannon! It's the same hight but almost 3x the length of a regular emoticon! Blast away at your foes with this exciting cannon! (It could use some work at the base, though.)

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Some smileys I quickly threw together. Sorry they're not very good.

1: 1.gif It's meant to be a soldier person. The hat isn't really tall enough though.

2: 2.gif Pirate Vader. It might not quite count though because it isn't to original. He has a lightsaber on his hat instead of a skull 'n' crossbones.

3. 3.gif Vampire pirate.

4. 4.gif Bashed up Pirate. Lots of blood and a black eye.

5. 5.gif Unhappy and has a eye patch.

6. 6.gif Dual eye patches or they could be goggles which pirates didn't even have.

7. 7.gif This pirate has some tape over his mouth and can't speak. (obviously)

8.8.gif A pirate with a beard and tri-corn. I was surprised non of the pirate smileys had tri-corns.

9.9.gif Drunk Pirate.

10. 10.gif Our very own Mister Phes! I hope he's allowed because we have Bonaparte. Mr Phes what do you think? (this is my favorite so far)

11.11.gif Jolly pirate kid with dodgy haircut.

I might add some more later.

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I'll probably make several and add them to this post as I go, with a short explanation preceding each new entry.

1. pirate_laugh.gif I've always been a bit annoyed that the laughing emoticon is an islander. Islanders are fine, but I just never felt he captured the look clearly enough, partially because of the amount of red that obscures the detail.

2. swabbie_smile.gif Happy/Classic-face Swabbie

3. swabbie_unhappy.gif Unhappy Swabbie (no shore leave for him)

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This is a pirate showing contempt. He seems very ticked-off, for some reason.


Awwww!! Look at those eyes!


Look at those eyes! I guess he's sort of... happy.

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For some reason 1 and 4 have white backrounds... I cant seem to fix it :pir_bawling:

1.1.gif Admiral Woodhouse.

2. 2.gif ImperialShadows (Or some pirate...)

4. 4.gif MEEEEE! You cant see it, but I am wearing pirate clothes :pir-tongue:


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Here's mine:

1kahukasmiley.gif It's King Kahuka! It could be used for a surprised face, or maybe just generally like the Pirate Yoda. I might do another smiley, if I am inspired.

I hope you all like it (despite the size) and good luck everyone!


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