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4994 Fierce Creatures Review

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As my summer holiday was kinda wet for 2 weeks, I decided to shop some sets. I crossed the German border and bought me this one mainly for the parts. To get time going, I built the models and made this small review for you to enjoy (or hate)

High resolution pics can be found here when public.

Set# 4994

Title: Fierce Creatures

Price: 9.99 EURO / 12.99 USD

Pieces: 193

Minifigs: 0

The Box:



The box looks awesome! It has some great animations of the 3 models in the instruction. The rear of the box shows some nice up-close-and-personal drawings of each model. I think it works better having the models drawn instead of a mere photo of them. Somehow it allows the great colour-scheme to really show.

The Instructions:


The instruction is easy to follow and shows which pieces are used in each building step. That makes it all a lot easier, especially with so many small pieces as in this set.


The bricks are divided into 3 polybags and the instruction is a fine small book, which can be easily stored along the rest of your ever-growing amount of booklets and pamphlets printed by TLG.

The models:



Model 1 is a spider and it’s nasty. The 2x2 modified brick with the hole would allow one to hang it from a string. This beast is sure to give you several nightmares, were it hanging from a string in your bedroom. – So I wouldn’t do that (plus the fact that my wife threw away the box and ordered me to take the spider apart when she saw it – She’s an arachnophobian and does not take spiders lightly). It looks real, in a brickish-non-real-way.



Model 2 is a snake. There’s not much to say other than the head is awesomely designed and the rest is bad. The body is poorly designed and does not live up to the coolness of the head. Build the head, ignore the rest.



Model 3 is a flying scorpion or something. Not as realistic as the spider, but still a great model with a cool head. The tail is a bit poorly designed, but it’ll do and it does offer some good ideas on how to use bricks.

All in All Verdicts:

This is an ok Creator set. It holds a lot of fine pieces and the models are an ok inspiration. Given its size, it’s an ok set. But it’s nothing more than that. I’ll give it an average score. I enjoyed building the models and fumbling with the bricks in the shade during a “siesta” on my vacation. And that’s what it is, an enjoyable build and a little inspiration on a hot day with a Erdinger Dunkel Weissbier in my other hand.


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Looks like a pretty good set with a some nice colors. The spider is probably the best model in my opinion, but I mean look at the wasp kinda weak it you ask me. Nice review :thumbup: .

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Thanks for the review, Kim!

I crossed the German border and bought me this one mainly for the parts.

What parts were you looking for? Or just for ALL of the parts? :laugh:

I like the story with your wife. The spider is really cool. Nice photo shots on the grass, Kim!

Too bad the other alternative builds are kinda odd.


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