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Review of 8147 bullet run

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And now for something completely different:

Tiny Turbos belonging to the racers line!

When I saw 8147 bullet run on S@H for half the price I couldn´t resist buying it. We had a lot of fun celebrating a bag-build at our event using the 8150 ZX Turbo of that theme so I knew what would expect me with this "extended" set.

Price: normal 49,99€ now 24,99€ (well I paid 34,99€ in a Lego store but that´s another story...)

Bricks: 796

Minifigs: - Hey, this is tiny turbos, stupid!

Stickers: Don´t ask :hmpf: (or read further)

The open box reveals seven polybags, some with more smaller polybags inside, the instruction booklet, 2 ramps and the sticker sheet.

Of course I put all of the bags on the table and not on the floor :wink:

Hey, TLC didn´t print this on the first page of the building instructions! :oh3: And you won´t see any piece callouts as well. On the other hand this is not adifficult build, so why show them? Still there is an inventory list of all bricks at the end of the instructions.

Note the giant sticker sheet! :sick: We all now the DSS, but that is a new kind of extra super large sticker sheet. It holds 82 stickers! More to that later on.


The build is quite basic. The only non-conventional parts of the build were the two slammers. And the most annoying part was fiddling the rubber band of the holder without destroying it. :look:

Bag 1: Easy beginning: Building the lime car, the limo and the two slammers.


Nothing exciting about the lime car, but the limo was neat. It´s an 18 studs long car! The normal racers are abot 10 studs long. Nice way to put the horns on the back!


The slammers. Mmmmh. Nice invention if they would actually DO something. They are supposed to give the Tubros a kick in the butt to speed them up, but the result is a 80 cm long "run" and that´s it. :hmpf_bad: I had expected more acceleration from the slammers. But it´s also fun to play with the cars without slamming them.


Bag 2: Convoy time: The tow truck and the fuel truck

The tow truck is a great idea and a good addition to the set. The cars are supposed to crash - how do they get back home? Well, here´s the answer.

Quite american layout of the truck and it´s very well done: Horns, 5 flashing lights and a right color choice. You can move the arm up and down and pull out the hook. Note the metallic silver antennae. :wub:



The fuel tank has got a "secret" function. It may break on the middle of the trailer. Therefore it has a hinge build in the bottom. City fire mayhem! And there´s no fire engine... :devil:




Bag 3: Long, longer, how long can a "tiny" truck be? The pipe truck, an unexpected buggy and the red racer.

36+ studs long: The pipe truck breaks every convention. :oh: The cabin is almost the same like the tow truck and the fuel truck and that is the good part of it. The trailer has to carry pipes and is functional as well as it can commute sidewarts. It looks quite unrealistic as well and you cannot drive this beast on tiny roads. Good for another crash.



But there are more cars in this bag.

Now this was a surprise: A buggy? This is the only 6(+)-wide car, but just because the wheels are large. :sceptic: Monster truck madness? I don´t care for those cars. Personally a disappointment, I would have preferred another racer. + for variety though.


Did I say another racer? Here we are: The red devil. Great looking, a real fast shape and red. The best racer in this set.

Vrooommm! :wub: This is the most "played with" car of the set. (Not only from me :wink:).


As you may have noticed I didn´t put any stickers so far. I don´t like stickers especially when placed over two or more bricks! :hmpf_bad: And here you are supposed to do it several times. :angry:

Of course the cars look better with stickers on, but they are also great without stickers. Only the fuel truck looks boring without. My sons didn´t know there were supposed to be stickers and they didn´t ask for them. So everything is allright! :grin:

Here´s a closeup of the sticker sheet (did I already mention it was 82 stickers? :hmpf: ):


The only exception I made using sticker was for bag 4:

Bag 4: You go here? You pay! The highway toll booth.

The only immobile part of the set, but great to brake though the barriers. That is fun! I only put on stickers on 2x2 plates where I had the idea to use those plates further on on different other MOCs. This looks a bit boring without the other stickers I admit. But still no cut off to the playability!


There are also two ramps belonging to the set. These only make sense if you are able to speed up the racers with the slammers and hit the ramps correctly. I had problems with that, so they are on the shelves now... :blush: Could be a lot fun making a contest though.

Like this (picture of the inventories frontpage)


All cars put together:


The usual leftovers:


All in all this is a great set to call ones own! I did not regret buying it, especially when it was 50% off! :grin: Even normal price would not have been too much.

Build: Great for smaller children, boring to AFOLs: 5/10

Special bricks/colors: None, all basics: 3/10

Design: I love the tiny turbos´ size and design: 9/10

Playability: -1 because of the slammers, another -1 because no minifig-scale. But that is not the intention of the set: still 9/10

Price/piece ratio: Dang! It´s not on sale any more. :cry_sad: But if you hurry you could still grab one in the Lego stores. 10/10

All in all: 8.5/10 and a clear recommendation!

It was and still is a set to play with your children. The size fits perfectly to Matchbox cars and that was exactly what my younger son did:


Can you find all of the cars included in the set? :laugh:

P.S.: After buying this set I won an ebay auction with another tiny turbos set - 8135 bridge chase. This is even more fun! I will soon care for a review with some never seen photo-tricks as well. Stay tuned! :classic:

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This set was on my wanted list for a long time and the sales at S@H came just in time :wink:

I also loved the set, and like you only put the stickers on the toll both (it looks great on a town layout with almost no modifications).

The racers are great. The trucks and the limo are the best in my oppinion.

The sticker sheet is huge, but I've seen bigger. Stickers over multiple pieces are the worst :angry:

The slammers are ok, but not great. I played with my 4 years old son and we tryed to do what shows in the box (the cars passing the toll, jumping the ramps and crashing the trucks) but it is very difficult to get it right. But the crashes are very fun. :devil:

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Thanks for the review.

I'll definately get this set sooner or later.

IMO the Tiny Turbos are awesome.

I actually bought nearly every set so far, built the models, added the stickers and packed them away in zip-lock bags in the attic. Sadly I don't have display room for them (yet).

A fine set, carwise.. Dump the slammers and buildings into the spare bag and keep the cars.



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Tiny Turbos are good for parts, but I'm not so keen on them as they have no minifig drivers. :sceptic: So, I wasn't sure about this set. But your review has made me like them more, I probably won't buy the set but I appreciate it more. :thumbup:

Thanks for the review!


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Thanks for the review.

I'll definately get this set sooner or later.

You better hurry. They are not at S@H any longer!

A fine set, carwise.. Dump the slammers and buildings into the spare bag and keep the cars.

That´s exactly what I did. :grin:

The slammers are already seperated to our color boxes.

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Thanks for the review! I have quite a few TTs.(tiny turbos). I never got this one, but if it's on sale.... :thumbup:

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