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7263 TIE Fighter Review

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7263 TIE Fighter Review

Parts: 159

Figs: 2

Price £20.00 (not sure)

My 2nd review today!

This set came out about the same time as the ROTS sets and included the first minifig to have a LUL.

1. Box & Manual

This is the front of the box, it has a try me slot for the LUL Vader.


A close up of the try me slot. Luckily I got mine form Argos so no little kids have been playing around with it.


The manual cover. I'm not quite sure why it has a pic of the figs on the front but it doesn't deface it so I don't mind.


Random manual shot.


ROTS set preview at the back of the manual.


2. General set and figs

The contents of the set.


The minifigs. A normal TIE pilot and the first ever LUL fig DV. (Also my only LUL fig)


No helmets.


TIE Pilot torso.


The LUL is made of 3 parts.


Lighted up.


The LED for the blade.


3. The TIE Fighter

Just a pic of it.


Cockpit with controls.


TIE pilot sitting in the cockpit. By the way the hinge brick is the wrong color it is supposed to be grey.


The cockpit shut. I wonder why TLC never printed those cockpit glass things correctly.


Jet out the back.


Top plate has some nice printing.


5. Overall

Build: 5/10 very repetitive...well the ships symmetrical!

Minifigs: 4/10 1 TIE pilot which is okay but a LUL Vader he can't even fit in the ship.

Design: 6/10 strong but the wings are all wobbly if that makes sense. I don't like the blue either.

Parts: 6/10 Lots of blue grills thingy's not much else but it got 6 because of the wings plates.

Price: 5/10 Could have been more expensive. At least it had 2 figs.

Playability: 1/10 Can't do much as a stand alone set.

Overall: 4/10 There just isn't enough here. It could at least have a better color scheme and instead of DV it could come with a Stormie like the old one did.

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Thanks for the review.

I actually like the older Tie better, since it had a stand for the Tie.

Not really a fan of the LU figs either.

No matter - a Tie is a Tie and this is a must have fighter for any LEGO SW fan out there.

Never can get enough Ties, except the Tie Advanced or Vader's Tie...they don't rock... :thumbdown::thumbdown:


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