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I've indexed them both.

However, Sebeus Iniwum, I didn't know the Dutchman was finished. It still lacks a lot of yards.

Aren't you going to finish her anymore? Such a beautiful ship needs a finishing touch!

As for halfpenguinhalflego, the trireme has been indexed as well.

Could you add the following to the top of your post there? My powers don't reach that far :pirate:

[url="http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=8875"][pid][/pid][/url] 130B

Thank you!

I can help.

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You indexed my RS Neptune (150D) as a "Three masted ship with three courses of sails"

In fact Neptune is a four masted ship (she has little bonaventure mizzen).

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RTN LNA has left this forum long time ago. Currently I'm doing the ship indexing.

Nevertheless, thanks for pointing it out. I moved your ship to the four masted section.

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The Index of Ship MOCs Sorted! is going to be the only Ship Index that will be maintained, and has been renamed "Index: Ship MOCs". We don't have enough monkeys trained to maintain two ship indices and both indices were very cumbersome and very large. The "new" Sorted Index has been rearranged into a more organized manner and related vessel types with few MOCs were lumped together. For the variety of builders we have had over the years in this forum and types of vessels there have been, I think the way the current index is organized is best for people to find the type of vessel they're looking for.

These other ship Indices are no longer maintained, but still can be viewed.

Please, let us know in this topic if

  • Your MOC was overlooked to be added to the ship index.
  • Posted images in an old topic that are no longer able to be viewed.
  • A thumblink in the index doesn't have the correct thumbnail image associated with its topic.
  • And any other related items.

We will relay this information to our monkeys who now maintain this index. We are not perfect in our training of monkeys, and they do make mistakes, sometimes deliberately. :monkey:

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I don't know what kind of ship it is (brig?), but is it possible to add my MOC to the ship index?

Is this the topic that contains this MOC?

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