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REVIEW: 76924 Mercedes-AMG G 63 & Mercedes-AMG SL 63

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Here is my review on LEGO Speed Champions 76924 Mercedes-AMG G 63 & Mercedes-AMG SL 63:


  • Both G63 and SL63 looks great.
  • Interesting building experience to create some of the more unique styles.
  • Interior is surprisingly detailed.


  • The roof of the G63 can be a bit difficult to fit into the right places.

Another set caught my eyes when it was first announced.  The G wagon looks so good in photos and finally got my chance to get this.  The actual build does not disappoint.  Both the G63 and SL63 looks great.  And with the unique styles of both cars, there are some very interesting building experience through out the build.  I was particularly impressed with the build of the front grill.  Both cars also comes with a surprisingly detailed interior.  While the SL63 limited to be 3 seaters, the G63 has 4 seats and space to store more things at the back.  The only down side I struggled with was the G63 roof,  I found it very frustrating to put it in place as the side windows often interferes and ended up not able to close the roof.  Otherwise both cars are really great.  With 2 minifigures come with unique torso print, I can only recommend this set.  Yes the price does feel high without discount but if you compare with speed champions sets with 1 car,  this set actually aren't more expensive as you get 2 cars.  Either way, it's not difficult to get a discount off this set =)

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