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[ENTRY] [LARGE] Steve's Double-crossing

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See Steve wielding a sword, and see if you can spot a few of his doppelgangers (or clones, if you've seen my last MOC) scattered around.







Steve originally worked as a merchant, but after meeting the Governor, was recruited as a spy. At the biannual pirate meetup, which the Imperial soldiers found, broke up, arrested pirates, and implanted Agent Steve into the chaos. The crews were reformed with the pirates who got away, and Steve scored a place in Redbeard's crew, intending to report information back to the Imperial Soldiers on his whereabouts to lead to an arrest.

Steve began to enjoy the pirate life, and decided to become a captain of his own, ambushing Ironhook, assuming his identity, and taking his crew for his own.


MOC specifications:

1500-2000 pieces (I'm just guessing here: if you have a better approximation, let me know in the replies).

42 bricks tall (counting the flag)

Built in 2 days

19 minifigures (and one skeleton)

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A fitting story for Steve, one knows he would not dare spy on his own kin, his own flesh (after all, redbeard and he are clones of each other). 

Indeed, this looks like a lovely brawl, but for additional chaos, I'd add a few ice cream pieces for smoke on the muskets.

The tower looks well-built, with a great roofing technique and some small details on the walls.

However, it doesn't fit the other part of the build (the pirates' camp). One would expect their meeting to be in a secluded area, and not next to a small tower in flawless shape that would surely draw attention to them. It'd be easy to make it look like ruins so as to improve coherence.


The beach is well shaped, but the black water, I must say, looks disappointing, as it damages the colourfulness of the whole build. Either replace it or use a piece of blue paper/cardboard like @Juhlhaus.

A good selection of aptly-posed figures rounds out the entry. 

There's a lot of skill behind this, and with a little more time, it'd be even better


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A diorama with lots of action. The biannual pirate meetup right in front of the fortress is a funny story. The fortress is well built and I like it. I also like the pirates' festival activities. But the black water, it would be good if you changed that.

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1 hour ago, SpacePolice89 said:

I think the dark blue water looks great. 

Arguably, if there was more darkness on the building (ex: dark green vegetation), it would look more in tune.

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