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6 chapters, 6 buildings; all 20 x 20 studs
Ch1 - BoBS - TC II - Old Scores and New Blood

This story starts somewhere in Arlintina.

It was early un the evening. Sir Peter Nash, Earl of Swanley, walked another lap of the town. Musing in thought. The world was slowly changing. What was going on...?

Suddenly he heard a crowd shouting in the distance. Curious, Peter walked towards the sound. He walked through a number of alleys and eventually ended up in the town square. A large group of people shouted and cheered. It immediately became clear to him what was going on here. He saw a few men standing on a scaffold with sackcloth over their heads. These men were executed. Peter moved forward through the crowd. He now stood close to the scaffold. On the scaffold stood a shining guillotine with traces of blood already visible. Peter lowered his head. Was this necessary...

He was brought back to reality by a woman standing next to him. She stood hidden among the audience, sobbing softly. She was visibly shaken. Peter tried to catch her attention. The woman looked at him. Sadness could be read in her eyes. On impulse, Peter took her hand to comfort her. She didn't say anything, but it was clear that she appreciated the comfort.

The ceremony was coming to an end. Peter invited the woman to come with him. She just nodded, deep in her emotions. Together they left the town square.


BoBS - TC II - Old Scores and New Blood-01

Ch2 - BoBS - TC II - Old Scores and New Blood

Peter took the woman around town. He walked to a small tavern and knocked on the door. A lady in green clothing opened the door and took in the visitors. "Can I help you?" Peter asked if there was still room for two people to eat and drink something. The lady nodded and opened the door.

Peter and the unknown woman sat down at a table. They warmed themselves by the fireplace. Peter ordered two glasses of beer and some bread.

The woman looked at Peter. She mumbled a soft thank you. Peter smiled kindly at her. “You knew the men?” he asked. She nodded, “They were friends of mine.” Peter nodded. The woman continued: "They were far too young to die! We should never have done this.", she shouted a little louder now. She started sobbing again. 

"What happened?", Peter asked after a while. The woman raised her head and began to speak slowly. She and a number of friends resist the growing dictatorship here on the island. The population was increasingly oppressed. Together they had started a resistance movement. Their headquarters were deep in the swamps just outside the city. The movement was part of a worldwide resistance calling themselves "Pidy's Blinders". Their goal was to make the dictatorial aristocracy less powerful. During their last action, a number of young boys had been arrested.

Peter listened intently to her story. Although Peter was part of the aristocracy, he had an eye for the 'weaker' neighbors in society. He was moved by her story. “What are you going to do now?” he asked her. "I'm going back to our headquarters in the swamp.", she replied. “Can I come with you?” he asked, “I would like to help you.” She nodded.


BoBS - TC II - Old Scores and New Blood-02

Ch3 - BoBS - TC II - Old Scores and New Blood

Peter and the woman sailed silently through the swamp. The woman led them crisscross through the maze without thinking. Finally, a small hut appeared in the distance. Their final destination was in view. Two men were waiting on the jetty. They looked at Peter suspiciously. “Who is that man?” they asked the woman. “He's a friend,” the woman replied.

Peter and the woman got out of their boat on the jetty. Deep in the swamps lay a maze of jetties and small huts. Hidden among the mangrove trees. An extremely suitable place to hide. Peter was impressed.

“Where is the crew?” asked one of the men. The woman shook her head, “They didn't make it.” Dejected, the two men stared at the water. 

“What do we do now?” the woman asked. The one man, apparently the boss of the two, thought for a moment. “It's time to get out of here,” he said. "We have to look for our leader, Pidy. I heard he is in the east. We need money to buy a ship and are leaving soon. We can't do this alone anymore, we need help." The woman nods in agreement: "Where do we get so much money from"? “Don't worry,” said the man, “I have an idea.”


BoBS - TC II - Old Scores and New Blood-03

Ch4 - BoBS - TC II - Old Scores and New Blood

It wouldn't be long before the sun would rise. Peter and his three companions walked through the quiet streets of the city. The leader of the 'Pidy's Blinders' had explained his plan. In order to have enough money to buy a ship, he decided to rob the local bank. Sir Peter Nash, Earl of Swanley, was not the type you would expect in such an action. He therefore stood guard a few streets away.
The two men and the unnamed woman had continued towards the bank with explosives. The church clock stood at 4:30 am when the leader of the gang planted his explosive on the steel fencing in front of the bank's entrance door. After a loud bang and glass rattling, the three ran into the bank. It took them little time to reach the vault where another explosive device was placed. A second bang followed. Swirling banknotes showed that the bomb crack had been successful.
There was shouting in the distance; dogs barked. The thud had not gone unnoticed. Peter held his breath. Would it go well?
Running footsteps could be heard in the distance. Were they there? No! These were guards! Peter hid behind some wine barrels. The guards ran past towards the bank.
Some shouting left and right, but still no sign of his new friends. Suddenly he saw a shadow moving to his left. He squinted. It looked like the nameless woman. "Psst!", he hissed softly. The woman stopped and looked in his direction. She recognized him and crept cautiously towards him. “Is the mission successful?” Peter whistled. “No,” she said, “we have to get out of here quickly!”
BoBS - TC II - Old Scores and New Blood-04
Ch5 - BoBS - TC II - Old Scores and New Blood
Peter and the woman finally reached the edge of the town. “Towards the mountains”, the woman whispered. Peter nodded and ran out of the shadows of the city towards the forests.
They walked for hours in the shelter of the forest, towards the higher mountains. The landscape changed; the temperature dropped. Eventually, more and more rocks loomed before them, interspersed with pointy pine trees.
Exhausted, they finally found an abandoned cave. They would be safe here, at least for now. Peter (gently as he was) made a fire for them to warm themselves. The cave, judging by the murals, had apparently housed people.
“How are you?”, Peter asked the woman. The woman shook her head, "I don't know... I've lost everyone I love in a short time." Peter nodded. "You haven't said your name yet, what can I call you?" You can call me Ada.
Peter and Ada, hiding deep in the caves, did not realize that the guards were looking for them even here, in the mountains. Directly overhead a patrol passed looking for anything suspicious.
"We have to reach my friends," Peter indicated after a while. They will know what to do and they will help us out of this situation.
BoBS - TC II - Old Scores and New Blood-05
Ch6 - BoBS - TC II - Old Scores and New Blood
Peter and Ada stayed in the cave for a few days. They left for a village further away. Peter had written a number of letters for his friends. They would gather in a secret place.
A few days later the friends met at a beautiful country estate near the coast. A round table, surrounded by columns, covered with red roses. An idyllic place, where an important decision would be made.
Sir Peter Nash, Earl of Swanley, took the floor and looked at his friends one by one: Bernard Claesen Speirdyke (right hand man), Jim Corbett (hunter & adventurer), Willem van Baarle (admiral & fleet commander), Edmund Cooke (war-veteran & captain) and Alexandre Bras-de-Fer (navigator): "This is Ada," he began, "she fled the dictatorial aristocracy. She and her gang, the Pidy's Blinders', committed themselves to the well-being of the poor in society. You could call her the 'Robin Tricorne of the New World'. She has lost everything in recent weeks. She would like to sail east for help We need a ship to cross the ocean. I have called you together because you are my dearest friends. Who's coming with me?"
The friends looked at each other. It was clear that the friends were not averse to a new adventure. The corners of the mouth curled up, a twinkle was visible in the eyes. This close group of friends would all go. One for all, all for one!
BoBS - TC II - Old Scores and New Blood-06

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Impressive series of vignettes, I really like the variety of scenes you have put together.  The inside of the tavern might be my favorite, lots of fun details like the mousetrap and chandelier. 

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I like the different dioramas, especially the winter landscape with the underground cave. You have written an interesting novel. Ada is a good new character.

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Very impressive! That's great series of builds and an intriguing accompanying story! All of the vignettes are really high quality with lots of details and interesting techniques to pick out. The character posing is lovely in all of them, as well. Hard to pick a favorite, but like Kai said: the interior of the tavern is very interesting to look at. I've never seen a floor built like that, but it looks really good :thumbup:.

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