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Mister Phes

[CONTEST] First to 25 Challenges: WINNERS

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Click here for the full report

Congratulations to Sydney and SevenDeadlyStreamers for winning the First to 25 Builder Challenge!

Click here for the full report


Click here for more information

Congratulations to SpacePolice89 for winning the First to 25 Builder Challenge!

Click here for the full report


Click here fore more information

Congratulations to Horrington for winning the First to 25 Critic Challenge!

Click here for the full report




Creative Critic Advice

There has been some great Critic Feedback but there is no requirement to write an entire review or analysis in a Single Post!

In fact, it’s better if you don’t or you'll exhaust yourself!

If you’re able to write multiple paragraphs of feedback, great!  But spread your feedback over multiple Posts containing 1-3 Sentences.

The Creative Critic is meant to be a friendly discussion between Participants, not a comprehensive review from Critics to Builders!

More Creative Critic advice here.

Click here for more information about the Creative CriticClick here to view the entries



Click here to view the entries


Building Entrant Advice

There have also been some fantastic Building Entrant replies but to claim a Prize early here's a couple of tips:

Make conversation with the other Participants who are Replying to your Building Entry Topics! Especially the Creative Critics!

If someone Replies to your Entry Topic; Quote or Tag them so they’re alerted to your response and then acknowledge what they said.

More Building Entrant advice here.

Please note that the above images do not update in real time so the data is subject to change – be sure to check the LEGO Pirate MOC Forum regularly for the latest information.

Click here to view the entries


Full Report

This is the abridged report and a more comprehensive report can be found here or a visual representation of the advice here.


Rule Changes

In the interest of simplifying the Rules so to make the Challenges less challenging, the following revisions have been made:

  • The Reply Count is taken from the very beginning of the Contest.
  • The number of Replies is the number you see  in the forum view.
    So this now includes your own Replies on your own Bulding Entry Topics.



The First to 25 Challenges will close on July 8 regardless of whether the Prizes have been claimed - so get Posting!


Who's Going to WIN?

There are THREE Prizes waiting to be claimed!  It's just a matter of someone stepping up and writing a few more Posts.

The Creative Critic Prize could be claimed in a one sitting!

Will that be you?  Or is some Newcomer going to pip you at the post?  I.e. steal the lead and claim the Prizes instead?

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