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Eurobricks' Licensed Summertime Style Contest - Voting topic

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Licensed Summertime Style Contest

Voting closes 16 June 2024


Thank you to everyone who entered our contest!

This is the topic for you to help pick a winner by voting for your favourite entry. For fairness we have ordered the entries below using a randomiser. Here are the rules for voting:

Choosing Winners

  • Every Eurobricks member gets three votes to award to their three favourite entries
  • Simply reply to this topic with the three different numbers and names of your favourite entries from the list below. Your votes must be for three different entries.
  • You must have joined Eurobricks by February 10th 2024 to be eligible to vote
  • Voting will close approximately on Monday 16 June 2024. If this topic is still open, you can still vote.


1. Balerion

2. FullBrickDev

3. Ben S

4. legOtaku_official

5. Mandalorianknight

6. BardDandelion

7. Chachatbricks

8. Kristel

9. Garmadon

10. Kritch

11. CardinalBricks

12. Agent Kallus

13. Radkid
Disney lego4.jpg

14. LordDan

15. Math Wizard

16. Jubel
Spiderman 7.jpg


Good luck!

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I vote for

11 Cardinal Bricks

2 FullBrickDev

9 Garmadon

Just realized I am not eligible to vote. Oops!


Edited by MandoLando

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Lots of nice entries; good job everybody.

My votes go to:

3. Ben S

6. BardDandelion

14. LordDan

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9 hours ago, Max_Lego said:

I vote for 9. Garmadon

Sorry, my bad - I didn't read the voting rules before voting. 


3. Ben S

8. Kristel

9. Garmadon 

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