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Hey everyone! 

I started this topic because I have (and use) control+ in my MOCS. However, there isn't a dedicated thread on Eurobricks for control+ MOCS. Hence this exists. 

Firstly, what hub is most commonly used? I have 22127, but I also use the Spike Prime Hub 88012 to control my models. I prefer 88012 because it is smaller and more compact and it also uses different coding: either Python or Scratch. Which is easier to use for everyone else?

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Posted (edited)

I use all hubs and Pybricks is the way to go. I just bought a few small Spike hubs and am using the large hubs more and more because I like the fact that they have a rechargeable battery so the use of AA or AAA batteries can be avoided (even when rechargeable). I also use Technic hubs but in fixed applications with a 3rd party USB power adapter. Together with a few extensions cables the power supply are the only 3rd part components I use, simply because LEGO does not have them.

With Pybricks and Control+ and don't need 3rd party hubs or controllers, it can do everything I need.

On my Rebrickable are the VW T1 Crawler and Load Zone project as Control+ examples with free instructions, and even a mouse jiggler:
In Eurobricks Technic competitions I have also used Control+.

My latest project is also a Control+ project with a large Space Solar Mining layout and 8 motors, in this WIP 4 of them are build and in operation controlled by Pybricks.


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