spooky graveyard with groundskeepers house - real world MOC

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This is a mashup MOD of sets 70420 - Graveyard Mystery, 76428 - Hagrid's Hut An Unexpected Visit, and 75965 - The Rise of Voldemort. This mashup has been combined into one cohesive cemetery with accompanying groundskeepers hut.


The hut is only connected to the graveyard by four studs, and as such is removable from the rest of the MOC for transport. The resulting two sections are solid enough to be be carried in one hand each... though not for long distances! (I'm not brave enough for that!)


The back of the model. The statue holding the scythe was taken from 79104 - Dol Guldur Battle - to replace the unprinted one from the Voldemort set. The other statue is a Weeping Angel from set 21304 - Doctor Who. (Don't blink!)


I wonder what this key opens? and why was this poor soul buried with it? I... wait a second. Did that statue MOVE?


Inside the hut I added an old TV inspired by the one from 43217 - UP house and removed Hagrid's huge chair. I also modified the roof connection points by removing the studded 1x3 jumpers, as this allows the hut roof to just sit up top unconnected and be more easily detachable.

....and that's all I got. Comments, suggestions, and questions welcome!

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