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LEGO Store Community Window displays.

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I just had the privelige of putting a display in the LEGO Store "Community Window." I know some other EB'ers have had this opportunity, including Holodoc's spectacular post office. Perhaps a thread liek this would be a good place to collect the various EB displays that have occupied LEGO Store Community windows?

I'll start. I called it Shangri-La (yeah, it's a pretty cheesy name, but I was in a rush) because it had that whimsical utopia feel, paired with a bit of danger that always seems to be a part of the recipe for most classic utopian stories. I was going for the kind of displays I saw as a kid from LEGO. They had alot of action and fun, and all kinds of nooks and cranies that rewarded a closer look.

It was a really quick build. It took me one evening to stack the modules from my modular town of "Brickington" (, attach some ladders and balconies, and add a small ground level scene. Without further ado...

Here's Shangri-La, a happy land far up in the mountains.


People live peacefull ordered lives


They work...


they play...


and convicts rarely escape from jail.


But no one who ventures down from the heights is ever heard from again.

Perhaps it has something do do with the bloodthirsty natives, and large crocodiles...


Some adventurers from affar have stumbled onto the lower levels of Shangri-La. Hearing the hum of voices above, they break open the doors and venture into the uninhabitted lower levels of the city.


Will they find Shangri-La an irresistable paridise? Will they ruin it's peace with stories of civilization and true freedom?

Or will they just fall prey to the bloodthirsty natives who prowl the cavernous lower reaches of the city, and who are not unaware of the adventurer's approach?


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What a great MOC! :thumbup:

It really deserved a place in the WITC (window into the community).

Spectacular! So much to see with so many details. I love it. :wub:

Because you have already mentioned my post office I´ll continue. :grin:

But I will post only two pics, for the rest of the photos and the whole story please head over to my thread.


On display in the Lego Shop Oberhausen


"Modular Street"

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great! just out of interest where is this being displayed? I've never seen a community window, although my nearest LEGO shop is now far away. Is this a new idea from LEGO? I hope they pay you for helping sell more bricks! The local toy shop in Zurich had a large display case running a few weeks ago, but somehow I think you managed to get more detail into about 1/10th the space :)

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great! just out of interest where is this being displayed?

I can only speak for the german Lego stores: You will find a Witc in every shop. It has been there as long as I can remember. :look:

It´s for the AFOLS to display their MOCs and for the audience to see what cool stuff one can build from the bricks sold next to the display. :wink:

If you display a MOC you will receive a 10% discount on anything you buy at that day and get a large PaB-cup for free. Including bricks of course.

I would call this a win-win-situation. :sweet:

And if you manage to display it when there are double stamps it´s even better!

I assume it´s the same for all Lego stores.

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Wow, what a great idea.

Now I wish I was living a bit closer to a LEGO shop! I left Köln just as the LEGO shop opened, so only got to visit twice, but that probably saved me a fortune :)

But I was reading more about these displays, and I think I may have seen one in Munich?, without even realising it was AFOL work. I was too busy trying to stuff as many pieces as possible into a PAB tub ;)

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Very nice and detailed work indeed, good job! :thumbup:

I have been to the Lego store in Ontario and visit the one in Downtown Disney every week, but I have never seen an AFOL-made display! :cry_sad: Perhaps I should propose the idea of a WITC to them and offer my service. :sweet: How do you usually get this privilege anyway? Do you ask for it or do you get asked somehow? :look:

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Mine is up at the Schaumburg Illinois (Woodfield Mall) LEGO store. As for how getting to display, I think your best bet is to just ask the store manager. I think the names of the managers may even be up at the LEGO website. (maybe)

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