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Hi Friends!

I'd like to introduce my new MOC: Ferrari Purosange



* Parts: 4061
* Scale: 1:8
* L/W/H in cm: 61,4 / 28,1 / 19,0
* Weight: 3,2 kg

It's the first Ferrari SUV and has a V12 engine with 725 horse power, which - to my opinion - is a little bit crazy, but still OK for me;-).

The car has 2 seatrows and the doors in the second row are opening the other way round. I wanted to make as less compromises as possible when designing the brick version of it.
One of my targets was to a full second seat row in the model. So I had to move the technic components near to the axles or even as part of the axle construction as with the 8+N+R-speed Sequential Gearbox. The gearbox is driving the fake motor in the front, but not the car itself, as the gearbox cant take the full torque of the motor. 



I wanted the model not only being a display item, but can also be played with. So I put one servo motor inside for steering and two Buwizz 2.0 motors for powering the car (and in parallel the fake motor through the gearbox). You wont believe how they are pushing this 1:8 model;-))

* Front side doors sliding/opening
* Back side doors sliding/opening (back)
* Bonnet and tailgate to open

* Trunk cover opening/closing with tailgate
* Suspension front and rear

* V12 fake motor block in red
* 8+N+R Gearbox (driving the fake motor via one of the buggy motors)
Gear shifting via lever at the steering board
* Steering (incl. movement of steering wheel) motorised
* Motorisation of model with 2 buggy motors (BuWizz 2.0 bundle)





More pics on

Instructions available on

This model shares approx. 63% of parts with Ferrari Daytona SP3 (42143-1).

What are your thoughts? Your feedback is welcome!

Klein (Folie10).jpeg

Klein (Folie9).jpeg

Klein (Folie24).jpeg

Klein (Folie29).jpeg

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Looks good! I've thought about what it would look like to have direct drive from motors to wheels and then a gearbox to run the piston engine, like you have here, so I'm glad to see it in practice! It's a nice way to have complexity and performance in a single package!

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@brictric Welcome to EB!

Such a beautiful model and a great presentation deserve a frontpage :sweet:

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As much disdain as I have for the real-world vehicle, I have to say this MOC is incredible. Instantly recognisable and beautifully detailed. 

It almost makes me want to convert the Sián into an Urus! (almost)

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Looks very awesome! Always wanted to build something technic in this scale, but haven't had the time for that... as this is something different from my usual style. In the earlier days I totally skilled technic sets because of the huge gaps between the "wireframe". But now there are some many great panels, that you can build amazing cars without any gap. They become more and more pleasing to the eye. And your's no exception to that! Great work!

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