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Hello all,

I would like to present my latest creation, a Liebherr ECB flat top tower crane. Since the advent of the lunar earth sun orbit technic set, I saw immediate use of the base wheels and the grey rings. I always wanted to do a tower crane but  never got around to do it. So now it became a reality. I did had to order a load of liftarms to make the the tower, and I ordered the 3X19 frames in dark blue grey. The build went rather smoothly, and resulted in a compact and more or less stable design, also using of a substantial amount of ballast weight in the base of the crane and in the boom counter ballast. Only the tensioning of the trolley wires was a real pain, also to make the system small enough to fit in the boom. It's still not quite perfect, but I'm happy with it. The crane measures 110cm in height and 135cm total length, the crane uses 2 transverse L-motors and 1 m-motor, and a powered up battery box.


Example of the real crane

My rendition:



some close-ups:



The Boom can be more or less easily dissassembled into 3 pieces, as well as the tower, and the counter boom can also easily dissassemble


The counter ballast box has also 300g of bearing balls and the box is free hanging and easily removable with a mobile crane:laugh:



The grey boxes contain each 400g of small bearing balls as ballast. Rigidity of the tower is a bit of a problem, it suffers from a lot of torsion when the crane is slewing, the whole boom assembly is quite heavy.


The cam half liftarm pieces allow for precise levelling of the boom

Some small videos:

Hope you liked it, comments are always welcome


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Very cool! You might be able to minimize torsion of the tower by slowing down the slewing speed. Real cranes move pretty slowly. Regardless, nice build!

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