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I decided to create one topic for posting some of my MOC:s, such as trucks, tractors and military vehicles. Let's start with my latest creation:
Toyota Hilux Double Cab

This was perhaps the most detailed creation I have ever done. RC 4x4, independent front suspension, leaf spring rear suspension (soft axles + shock absorbers), lockable central and rear differentials, and a 4-speed gearbox (manually controlled). A minus is that there was no space for rear diff lock controls, so it has to be clicked on from the below. I detailed the outdoors looks pretty far, but the indoors dont look so good.


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Next, some tractors:

MTZ Belarus 1221.1

This one was fun to do. 4WD, swinging portal front axle (but no differentials :( ) and old 8880 rims mounted on large turntables.



Front-end loader (based loosely on Valtra N163)

This one had more playability. 4WD with swinging front axle too, remote-controlled loader height (but the other function is manual), lockable rear differential, DIY planetary hubs in the rear with 4:1 reduction, and a constant-difference central differential for linear gear reduction between front and rear axles. I also built this openable container and 1-actuator hooklift to spice the logistics games up a little.

Sorry for using these sawn-off ball joint beams; I have a pile of them so ruining two of them for a narrow tractor front axle won't hurt.


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