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Fire Fighter

Set #: 775 (same as 316)

Year Released: 1977

Piece Count: 120

Minifigs: 0 (pre-minifig)

List Price: unknown

Well, it's not the best of the fire boats, but it was Lego's first floating fire vessel.

Starting with the instructions:


The back side:


The Fire Fighter:


NOTE: I am missing one of the original large red sections of the ship. This is a shortened version leaving off two of the fire guns.

The front section. I always thought the simple design of the fire guns was clever:


The upper section contained port and starboard lights, my first trans. red and green pieces. I thought they were awesome at the time!


The top of the mast had a clear round piece as the radar:


The back section had the blue section (which I always thought was a water tank) and steps to the deck level:


NOTE: The original ship also had two additional fire guns on the deck of the back section which have been removed to make the boat shorter. In addition, see the instructions for a picture of the actual decal that should appear on the ship.

The ship had two weights to keep the boat from tipping. They attached to the bottom of the boat (just like the Police Boat):


And the final picture of the complete set (minus one section of ship):


This boat has seen a lot of bath tubs and backyard swimming pools over the years, and was a lot of fun despite the lack of minifigs. Keep in mind that this set was released in 1977.

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hm, that's the first time I see this set (shame on me). Nice review man, (as usual), :thumbup: as for the set - well, it's from the pre-minifig, era, right? I don't like it, to be honest. Way too many water cannons. :thumbdown:

Yes, the term is water cannon, not "fire guns". :tongue:

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Not fond of this set. I didnt like the floatable ships with balast attached below it. Also this ship looks like a frigat because of its cannons. Of course it was a nice opener of ships in Lego, still I will not give it more then 2.

Thnx for the review!

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Thanks again, Brickster. :wink:

Suprisingly, I like this set better than the Police boat from the same year - despite the fact that it has no minifigs. The overall design just seems better, and there's more detail as well. I give it a 4 out of 5. :thumbup:

Edited by Grevious

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Always liked the boats had both of them, Still have the hull for the police boat, Just sold the fire hull and weights on E-bay.

I wish they had included a minifig but I still liked this one a lot.

Brickster, YOU ROCK

:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

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I'm fairly certain this is the first set I had. I found it when I was a young kid in a closet at home apparently it had belonged to one of my cousins. I remember it having strange minifigs in it. the bodies were all white, the legs didn't move and they didn't have arms the faces were yellow like most of them are now the didn't have eyes or smiles and the top of the head didn't have that Y vent. also the necks were much shorter. They had this kind of hat http://di1.shopping.com/images/di/5a/6f/34...149x149-0-0.jpg

Like this http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItemPic.asp?M=old047s w/o the sticker.

Edited by alegofan

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This is an amzing set. I love all the details, like the water cannons. It's a shame that Lego doesn't design sets using those technic bushings for detailing anymore. :sceptic:

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Never saw this one!

Looks good, but scary, like some kind of ghost ship, without crew!

Thanks for the great review, and one question: does it leak between those floatable sections?

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Very nice review TheBrickster. You 're lucky you own a part of LEGO history.

The term "Modular Set" is not as recent as the majority thinks :wink:. The hull's idea is just excellent, considering the release year.

You could arrange the parts -in a limited scale of course- and build the type of ship you wanted.

does it leak between those floatable sections?

I own the 4005 Tugboat and the 4015 Freighter, both of them using the same hull type and I had never experienced any sort of Titanic symptoms. :grin:

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