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Hello Corvette and Speed Champions fans,

The Chevrolet Corvette (C3) is the third generation of the Corvette sports car that was produced from 1967 until 1982 by Chevrolet for the 1968 to 1982 model years. Engines and chassis components were mostly carried over from the previous generation, but the body and interior were new. It set new sales records with 53,807 produced for the 1979 model year. Building instructions are available on the following link:

It is a studless build in the new, 8 studs wide Speed Champions style. I wanted to create a clean model which is as accurate as possible in this small scale. I prefer the brick built solutions to keep the flexibility of the used parts in further builds, and therefore only two vehicle registration plate stickers are used.

My intent was to keep the width-length-height ratio of the real car and this size makes it possible. The model contains lots of details: for example the front bumper, the emblematic side grills, the side view mirrors, the embedded tail lights, the fuel cap etc... I tried to fill every unnecessary gaps and therefore some tricky build techniques are used.

The instructions includes some modification ideas, for example front blinker and alternate side grill, see picture 6, and luggage rack, see picture 5.

The model has space for two minifigures with helmets or small hairs.

Thanks for visiting,

53573176101_136126a950_z.jpgCorvette C3 - instructions 01 by László Torma, on Flickr

53573617755_251ec26eb3_z.jpgCorvette C3 - instructions 02 by László Torma, on Flickr

53573176006_3889d9cfd9_z.jpgCorvette C3 - instructions 03 by László Torma, on Flickr

53573381243_bb5837f54b_z.jpgCorvette C3 - instructions 04 by László Torma, on Flickr

53572313872_3744c4fc2b_z.jpgCorvette C3 - instructions 05 by László Torma, on Flickr

53573381143_9bae68590e_z.jpgCorvette C3 - instructions 06 by László Torma, on Flickr

53572313787_a95399768e_z.jpgCorvette C3 - instructions 07 by László Torma, on Flickr

53573499284_2e6813b60d_z.jpgCorvette C3 - instructions 08 by László Torma, on Flickr

53573617265_42c48323e6_z.jpgCorvette C3 - instructions 09 by László Torma, on Flickr

53573175491_dcebb04896_z.jpgCorvette C3 - instructions 10 by László Torma, on Flickr

53573498989_798b71b93f_z.jpgCorvette C3 - instructions 11 by László Torma, on Flickr





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Great recreation. I like your solution for the tail lights. Good choice with the big block bonnet!

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@Feuer Zug Thank you! This technic brick seemed to be the most realistic solution and there is enough room for the pin and bar lights as well :)

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