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Sympatik Brick

SPC [Cat A] : The Motley Crew of the Ironclad Gunner

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Captain "Dreadnought" Blackheart:

A bearded colossus with a steely gaze, wielding a giant axe with terrifying precision. His mere presence inspires terror in the hearts of enemies.

Captain « Dreadnought » Blackheart

« Life is short, space is vast. Plunder, plunder, and plunder again! 

First Mate « Cutlass » Crimson:

Agile and quick as lightning, he wields his saber with lightning dexterity. His smirk is the last thing his victims see.

First Mate « Cutlass » Crimson

« The sabre is faster than justice, and more precise than mercy. »

Mercenary Deadeye Dan "The Shadow"

A taciturn and mysterious bounty hunter, always lurking in the shadows, ready to take down his enemies with a precise shot.

Mercenary Deadeye Dan « The Shadow »

« Silence is my weapon, the shadow is my ally. »

Cook Chef "Spoon" Silver

A matron with a face weathered by years, she concocts dishes that are as nourishing as they are surprising, capable of transforming space rations into feasts fit for a king.

Cook Chef « Spoon » Silver

« A full belly is a happy belly, and a happy belly is a belly that fights well. »

Lookout "Golden Eye" Raven

An old man with a piercing gaze, capable of spotting an enemy ship from light-years away. His parrot, Polly, is his inseparable companion and an excellent indicator of danger.

Lookout « Golden Eye » Raven

« Danger lurks in the shadows, but I see it before it sees me. »

Parrot Polly:

A chatty and sarcastic bird, capable of imitating voices and repeating the most inopportune phrases. His presence is a mystery to the crew, but his intelligence and loyalty are undeniable.

« Polly wants a cracker! (Translation: Polly has important information!) »

Cabin Boy « Tothless » Leaf :

A young orphan full of enthusiasm, always ready to help, despite his legendary clumsiness and addiction to interstellar sweets.

Cabin Boy « Toothless » Leaf

« Even the smallest can do great things! »

Monkey « Golden Hands » Jack:

An agile and cunning primate, capable of picking the most complex locks and outsmarting the most devious traps. His only flaw is a unfortunate tendency to kleptomania.

« Oooh ooh ahh ahh... (Translation: I have stolen the most precious treasure!) »


The Motley Crew of the Ironclad Gunner

Together, this unlikely crew forms a formidable team, capable of braving the dangers of space and plundering the richest ships. Their adventures are full of twists, humor and action, and their reputation is matched only by their thirst for freedom.

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Yeah, great robo crew! Love 'em all :pir-triumph: If i had to pick favorites, it would be Deadeye Dan and the chef. And of course the kleptomaniac monkey droid :pir_laugh2:

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