[MOC] Warhammer 40k Tower 3.15m high

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This is 3.15m high tower made on a 1 48x48 baseplates, without any non-LEGO elements (excluding LED lights)

This was a test run for 12m long (6m wide, 4m tall) Warhammer 40k ship I am building (in diferent colors:)

It is almost impossible to tip the tower. You would need to hit it - and it would just bend where you hit it. Even the top is so secured, it can't fall of.

I have a rule that none of my moduls is larger than 1 48x48 baseplate in surface, and taller than 60 cm - which means there are 5 modules here, and antenne on top.
Also, rule for exhibits: if it doesn;t fit the closed box - it doesn;t go to event :) This rule was actually made by my fellow AFOLs from club, who had enough stress of carring my large stuff when helping me transport and setup :) This rule has made it possible for me to pack, transport, unpack and setup 2000 baseplates by my self in just a couple of days, as, while I build, I plan how it is fastes to be setup, with as little extra job as possible

The 12 m Emperor class ship will be like that - two people setup, within 8 hours. It will be around 1-1.5 tons of weight, with 200 m of LED strip in it :)


here are few pictures how it was setup, and person (180cm) for size

In addition, I am attaching few pictures of support towers that go together with this creations, making it into 4x4 diorama :)
The model is my greatest helper, also my 4 years old son Aleksandar, who is night and day in my studio and probably knows better then me which bricks I have :)


I used NEXO knight minifigs as space marines, and I am especially proud of my death korps of Krieg soldiers and my battle sisters minifigs :)
You can find more on my instagram page @Beokocka (link)

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5 minutes ago, Artanis I said:

Man, you are still building the biggest towers!

Hey, hi :) You remembered :)
watch this :)


4000 Elves army :) 12x12 48x48 :)

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Glad you are un-banned.

Amazing... you know Barad Dur is bigger than Orthanc - the official Lego version comes out soon, so how long do we wait to see yours? :grin:

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Nobody was banned so long than un-banned from Eurobricks :) I think 5 years?

In Serbia, I could unalive someone and leave prison faster :)

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