[Bricklink - Series 4] Ballista Tower

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This is my entry for the 4th round, a very detailed defensive tower with several elements such as: a improvised stable, a crossbow in the upper part, a habitable floor, etc. The number of pieces is 2991 and it has a modular system so each floor can be built separately. It can even be extended from the 3rd floor. Very easy to build and many possibilities. I hope you like it and if you want to support it (Voting and commenting your feedbacks) -> click on the link below.

Puede ser una imagen de castillo y texto que dice "bricklink designer program SERIES"










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Excellent tower, @CorvusA!  So many great details all across the build!

I particularly like the nested bartizan in the side of the tower fit so precisely into the stone wall.  The climbing vine in dark green looks really great.  Detailing the woodwork with the 1x1 pyramid tiles and the nice variety of stone textures makes for a wonderful aesthetic.  Interesting technique for the streaming flag!
The hoardings on the side of the tower also look great, especially with the inclusion of brown frogs for carved detail.

Do the first and second floors have interiors or is there necessary obstruction?  They do not look accessible in the split-section views.

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@Slegengr Thank you so much, those bartizans are my fav parts. about the first and second floor, unfortunately dont have interiors due to the complexity of the loopholes/door. But I though that if someone wants more habitable stuff, could design a custom floor and add it to between the 3rd floor and the upper part. You know, a lot of people loves to custom the sets, and the goal here is to offer that option. Even the full movable ballista could be added to a wagon.

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