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Hey everyone,

I stripped down my Dodge Demon MOC to the chassis and I want to modify it in a way that will make it look more rugged and potentially even have some RC components added!

Do you all have any suggestions that you could please give to support the build??????

Here is a before and after of the chassis as of today:



The Changes I have made are the following:

- Improved central ground clearance

- Components of the chassis have been removed to allow the fitment of bigger tyres

- Larger Tires

- Some reinforcement of the suspension struts and how they connect to the chassis

I have a workbench post on rebrickable with a video!

What should I add or change next?????

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5 hours ago, Jundis said:

Add more stabilization... the flex in the middle is huge!

Central reinforcement?

I don't think the flex in the middle is huge. It seemed pretty rock solid to me but I'll run some tests and I'll post them here soon.

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