(MOC)-Modular T-Shaped Pizzeria and Post Office 32x32

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Hello to everyone!

Today I would like to introduce my new modular: it is a T-shaped building, a solution that allows me to create some interesting views as well as allowing me to create a bit of movement with classic modulars.


On the ground floor there is a take away pizzeria, something typical of our towns but which I think is catching on almost everywhere. Inside the pizzeria, in addition to the counter and the electric oven, there is a pasta press, a pantry and a fridge for drinks, as well as a car for home delivery.

In addition to the pizzeria, there is a small post office with everything needed to handle mail, including a scale for weighing parcels.



At the back, the T shape allowed me to create an underpass with two street lamps hanging on the wall.


Above there is a multi-storey apartment. The entrance coincides with an extremely bright room in which I have placed a wicker lounge, a small desk and many plants and flowers. I wanted to give the impression of a very welcoming and natural area. Initially I saw it as a terrace. The entrance leads to a large kitchen and then through a room with stairs to the second floor, to a living room with TV. Here too there is a plant above the bookcase.


On the second floor there is the double bedroom with rather classic furniture: a massive, curved wardrobe and a wooden bed. Also on this floor there is a second bedroom for the couple’s son who is a gamer and has a nice tower desktop PC and a bathroom with shower. In the corridor there is also a wardrobe with the washing machine inside and between the two bedrooms a bench with other plants including a bonsai.



On the ceiling there is a trap door with a folding ladder which opens by extracting a pin located on the side of the building and gives access to the attic.
The building ends in a medieval tower which according to my idea has been incorporated into the building below and from the attic it is possible to access the roof.


Two construction techniques particularly excited me when creating the building. The first concerns the front cornice that I created with R2-D2’s legs alternating with the shoulders of the Nexo Knights. I’ve wanted to use droid legs as an architectural element for a long time and I don’t think I’ve ever seen them used in this way. The second concerns the battlements of the tower with Ghibelline style battlements.



I would like to say a few words about the project I am carrying out. It is a city diorama measuring approximately 13.5x6 baseplates, all in all a decent surface area, in which you will find a part of the ancient/medieval city located on a hilly area and the rest of the city in the valley. The downstream part, according to my plans, should represent the most recent part of the historic center, therefore buildings from the 17th-19th century which in some cases still have medieval remnants. Thus we have a medieval tower (K8004), a pedestrian gate of clear eighteenth-century design with a pub (K8007), as well as a medieval vehicle gate (soon to be designed), connected by ancient walls which acted as external walls for buildings overlooking to an avenue. This avenue will then lead to a park and subsequently to the ancient part with different solutions to be able to reproduce the irregularity of the ancient buildings with the typical lanes and streets that represent this type of urban environment.

Beyond the walls downstream, therefore, we will have much more regular modular buildings in the Lego standard with a central street that represents a typical walking and shopping street. In this case I’m making sure to position the modulars Lego, making changes to complete the interiors and exteriors, without distorting them architecturally. The furnitures of several Lego modulars can already be downloaded for free from Rebrickable.




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Oh wow! The exterior architecture already felt very unique, but I love what you've done with the interior! The kitchen in particular looks quite gorgeous, with great furnishings and a refreshing modern color scheme.

That said, the further up you go, the more overwhelming the white color used for the walls starts to become. It works okay for the bedrooms, but the attic feels almost blindingly white (which is very much the opposite of how I'd normally expect an attic space to look). I understand the challenge of balancing exterior and interior colors when the walls are the same color from both sides, but I can't help but wonder if perhaps the floor of the attic could be a different color at least just to avoid that overwhelming brightness.

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Thank you for this interesting point of view. It happened that while designing and building I didn't care, while when I took the pictures I was almost dazzled by all of this white.

The walls have been made white to balance all the colors on the lower floors. we have Greys, Yellows, Reds.... But I should have chosen another color for the fllor in the attic, at least.

Something to think about.

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That's a nice modular with so much details to admire. The interiors are stunning. I love how you made the post office entrance, and that mail logo is cleverly done. 

The back side is great with that underpass, the  ornaments and windows above it, and that angled wall besides it.

Great work! :pir-stareyes:

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