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[OFFICIAL] 40710 LEGOLAND Pirate Splash Battle

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22 hours ago, Yperio_Bricks said:

It should be available in both, the Legoland parks and discovery centers.

Sweet, thanks!!! I usually buy the legoland sets anyways, I keep thinking I can make a legoland park with all the previous sets, I hope

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As promised, here are scans of the box front & back and instructions cover.




The set built:


And then here are some comparison's with the 4 Juniors Captain Redbeard's Pirate Ship:




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I must admit, i am amazed how well they captured the real Legoland water splash battle ride with this set :thumbup:

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I actually like this one quite a lot, while i typically dislike modern town lego sets, this one is something i'd realy like to grab, as it's got this good old lego feeling, pure fun, with cool packaging and lots of playing possibilities, bricks usable in pirates world as well, nothing that would seem too modern... tho maybe one problematic thing is that pirate-park uniform, as it's not very likely someone would wear it outside of the park. I mean, usually with most of lego clothing we can do plenty of stuff, but operatore of a theme park, well, i don't know, it's not somethig a civilian or housewife would wear so it can only go with pirate-themed business - piragelato, pirazerria, nesspirates, pirate burgers etc ;)

And i wonder about those walls with stickers, are usebale as proper pirate/soldier structures, or are these supposed to look like something from kids friendly area? ;) i guess it's up to the builder/owner anyway!  ;)

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