[GBW] - Free Build - Sørdfjordmoen - Cargo Down

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--- Mission Background ---
Silence has been laying on the battlefronts for more than a year. Among many other marine task forces, the Wolves haven't been operating for a while. Some of the members have left due to this reason, and the Task Force's supplies were close to being cut off by the army high rank. Until the right opportunity has appeared. A military plane carrying brand new heavy gear has crash-landed near a river. The pilot survived and manage to send off a distress signal, in which multiple men were heard talking, although the plane's crew only constituted of the pilot and a copilot, which died during the crash. It is suspected that the cargo was intercepted by an unknown group of people. The Task Force has been sent to secure the pilot and the goods, and see how 2 of their new recruits perform in a combat situation.

--- Operatives ---
Ssg. Thorsen (Wolf Actual)
Wolf 1-1
Wolf 1-2
Wolf 1-3

--- Present Day ---
*indistinct talking*


Wolf 1-1: *over radio* Wolf Actual, 3 ops approaching the coast.
Wolf Actual: *over radio* Actual copies.


Wolf 1-2: Target rich environment. Hostiles seem to be KLR. I've got eyes on a sniper on top of the rock, an unarmed cargo carrier and an armed guard. Might be more.
Wolf 1-1: Alright, this is how it goes: Sniper's mine, 1-2, you get the cargo thief, and 1-3, guard's all yours. Copy?
Wolf 1-2: Copy.
Wolf 1-3: Roger that.
Wolf 1-2: *over radio* Wolf Actual, ground team set. 
Wolf Actual: *over radio* Good. Drop em fast.


Wolf 1-1: 3, 2, 1, execute.
*silenced gunshots*


Wolf 1-1: Good shots, good shots. Me and 1-2 will get on dry land. 1-3, take the high ground on the wreck. 
Wolf 1-3: Copy. Deploying magnet handle.
Wolf 1-1: Go dark, boys.


Wolf 1-3: Got up. Armed hostile headed up to the sniper position. 
Wolf 1-2: Copy. Large group of enemies up ahead. What's the call, 1-1?
Wolf 1-1: I'll throw in a flashbang. Once it detonates, the two of us get the group. 1-3 gets the enemy headed for the high ground.
Wolf 1-3: Understood.
Wolf 1-2: Copy.
Wolf 1-1: Moving to position. Get ready guys.


Wolf 1-1: Flashbang out. 



*silenced shots*


Wolf 1-3: Hey, you're safe! Get your radio and tell them you're alright!
Wolf 1-1: *over radio* Wolf 1-1 to Actual, all hostiles neutralized. Cargo and hostage secured. Ready for evac.
Wolf Actual: *over radio* Good job guys, evac enroute. Welcome to the team, 1-1 and 1-2. You're gonna be great operators with Vinter as your leader. 
Wolf 1-1: Watt, get down here.
Wolf 1-3: Copy.
Wolf 1-1: Ras, you can check the bodies later, get over here. Extract is gonna be here soon.


--- After Action Report ---
The cargo has been safely transported to the nearest military depot via armored boat and the pilot has arrived safely back home but needs therapy following the events. Agent Rasmussen and Agent "Watt" have joined TFW as part of the NIC, whose help we can use for operations and investigations. Hostiles on the site were KLR; 1-2 confirmed. They seem to have been operating from a rogue cell. Might need further investigation.

--- Notes ---
Sorry for the bad quality of the bird view photos. Also, to explain why there is light: On picture 3 a rotating heavy-duty lamp is to be seen near the rocks.

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Good story. The lighting and pictures aren't the greatest as you mentioned. A good light box setup will do wonders, unless you're looking for that night feel. I know, I got called out on it a while back with my hardened aircraft shelter. As for making it look like NVGs, it's a far different feel.

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Looks good enough. The overall story is a little hard to follow, due to the compisiton of shots, but it looks good nonetheless :)


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