“Good luck, buddy!” Baron Peter Nash patted his friend Commodore Willem van Baarle on the back. "It will be fine!" Willem walked on reluctantly. On the one hand he had been looking forward to this, but on the other hand he was also dreading meeting her. According to the stories, she would be a friendly lady, but you never knew. After all, she was the heart of the empire! Like everyone in Corrington, Willem would die for her. Actually, if he looked deep into his heart, he was also a little bit in love with her... But he didn't express that of course! "Welcome to Qeens' Palace!". Willem was woken from his thoughts by an older man with a monocle. Van Baarle did not know this man, but he looked like an important advisor. “Follow me...”, the man with the monocle continued. Willem walked behind him and saw a large golden double door in front of him. The palace looked beautiful with richly decorated pillars and a decorated white marble floor. The man opened the heavy double doors and she stepped into a spacious throne room. There she sat in the distance. Beautiful, in a red dress with a golden crown, illuminated by the sunlight from the window behind her. “Queen Annette,” muttered Capt. From Baarle. He felt a knot in his stomach. 'Monocle-man' walked into the room and eventually stood next to Queen Annette. There were several guards standing to the left and right of the large hall. Willem steeled himself and walked towards Her Royal Majesty. He stopped just before the throne and bowed slightly. Queen Annette nodded with a smile and stepped down from her throne. "What can I do for you, Commodore? I have heard a lot about you. I understand that you are in charge of a large fleet. Is that correct?". Commodore Van Baarle nodded, "Yes, Her Royal Majesty, I will do everything to protect you and your kingdom." "She looked even more beautiful up close than he expected," Willem thought to himself. “Good to hear,” Queen Annette continued, “And what brings you here?”. Van Baarle wanted to shout that he was coming for her, but he swallowed it... "I have a request Her Royal Majesty. To be able to resist the skumback pirates in the future I need more ships. For this I have a higher ship-level needed... And a higher commander rank. Could you please finance this from the public treasury, so that I can add more ships to the fleet?" In this letter I request you, Her Royal Majesty Queens Annetta:
- Would you like to increase my ship level by 1 level for free?
(OOC: concrete: one-time donation of 500DBs and 500PIPs, for ship level 3 (35 + 25 = 60)
- Would you like to promote me to Admiral free of charge?
(OOC: concrete: one-off donation of 200DBs and 200PIPs) --- Will not be licensed.

Build is made to increase my ship level from 35 to 60. (+25) AND to be promoted to Admiral.  GM input needed! ( @Ayrlego, @Bregir, ....) Property type: Small Residence (but wil not be licensed)
Dimensions: 16 x 16 studs
Total parts: ~490 Credits:
- Design minifigures: @ Ktownbricks, @ Theminifigco, @ Brickmaniatoys and @ Lego (Instagram)
- Design column with face scarfs: @ forlonempire
- Design custom tiles: @ Briquestore_officiel (Instagram)