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REVIEW: 6648 Dump Truck

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Dump Truck

Set #: 6648

Year Released: 1980

Piece Count: 34

Minifigs: 1

List Price: approx. $5 (USD)

In 1980, Lego offered this little dump truck as a nice addition to any Tabletop Town:


It contained one fig, unfortunately the torso had no printed pattern or sticker:


Here's the Dump Truck that included three sets of the large wheels:


The truck does not turn in the middle, but the bin structure does dump:


And lastly, the complete set:


This Dump Truck is on it's way to Public Works #6383 (review coming soon).

Dump the Big Loads! - with 6648 Dump Truck

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This is a perfect example of a classic town vehicle. Very basic in its design, but performs its job quite well. I'm give it a 5 out of 5, but i would have liked to see a couple of 1x1 round transparent yellow plates on the top of the black "role bar" to act as caution lights. Other than that a great little set for its time! :classic:

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This is one lovely dump truck, with yellow as its principal color. :classic:

I have no major complains on this set, and I agreed with you that this is a great addition to any LEGO Town. However, if the driver seat comes with a cover, it will look much more complete. :tongue:

The yellow big bin, doors are the plus factors for this set. Without these design factors in place, it will not be as lovely as it should be. Furthermore, if I remembered correctly, I am quite sure that the dump truck make used of hinges that is used as a form of pivot in these sets, to create playablity.

Although the driver seat comes without a cover, but the overall design makes up for it. Taking into consideration that this set is produced in 1980, I am very impressed by it.

Therefore, I gave it a final "5". :sweet:

Thanks Brickset for all of the classic reviews!

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