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[MOC] Kraków

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The MOC depicts the historic Old Town in Kraków, Poland. The scale is 1:1250 (meaning 1 stud is 10m), the dimensions are 120 x 70 cm (4 x 2.3 ft).

The story of this build begins in 2019. Back then I was away from my bricks for a long time, but of course I didn't want to abandon the hobby. So instead, I started designing the MOC digitally, planning to build it in the future. The construction from real bricks lasted another 2-3 years, as I worked on plenty of other projects meanwhile.



Full gallery:

When designing the digital model, I set up a script to save a snapshot of the model every time I saved it. Thanks to this, I can present a full timelapse of how it was created (need to click it to play on Flickr):


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I saw those teaser pictures of this build on Flickr. Now, I must say, it has become a beautiful MOC of a beautiful city (I meself have been there only once :pir-grin:). An outstanding model! :pir-thumb:

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