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[MOCs] Randall and Mudd

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LORD OVERDEATH's servants Randall and Mudd. They'd do anything he says. After all, what other choice do they have...


Randall T. Raptor

Calm, collected, and intelligent. None of these words could describe Randall. The self-titled Technociraptor loves only destruction and LORD OVERDEATH. Despite LORD OVERDEATH's hatred for Randall, he keeps him around. It's difficult to find someone so eager and willing to serve in the world of BEDLAM...



LORD OVERDEATH's favored servant, Baron Mudd has been given the high honor of carrying LORD OVERDEATH's banner, much to Randall's envy. Mudd's hatred for LORD OVERDEATH is trumped only by his hatred for Randall. Despite his great skill with weapons, he dares not escape, for he knows that greater dangers lie in the world of BEDLAM...

Like LORD OVERDEATH, Randall and Mudd are collaborative creations between myself and my friend Neal, though he had a much larger role in creating these two than I. Mudd was made first as a character for his upcoming comic, BEDLAM, and Randall was first sketched at this year's BFVA. I've posted the sketches of them in the album, so you can see how many artistic liberties I took with them.

Consider none of the flavor text I've written to be canon in BEDLAM.

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