MOC: Yellow & Black Cargo Train Loco

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I'm on a bit of a MOC spree at the moment, partly down to me not being able to do much at work as I'm recovering from a dislocated shoulder and partly because of all the discounted lego I picked up recently.

The train front is built using the cab section from 4668, and its particularly good for this kind of application.


The whole gallery is here


Title changed to something more identifiable than "Another Train MOC" -TheBrickster

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That quite a nice basic Moc, and while it does remind me of the new cargo train, it also reminds me of German deisels.

I'd like to build something similar with the red cab ends, and I'd probaby try to incorporate some doors, perhaps by micro spacing them a little. I build in seven wide so I'd need to get some of the new red corner bricks to get the height proportional. Will be some time before I get around to it I suspect.

Edited to add: I didn't realise I was responding to such an old post till LT pointed it out, otherwise I wouldn't have. It's pretty borderline reviving such an old post, but this one seems to have predicted the future.

Edited by peterab

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Two things - yes, interesting it does look alot like the new cargo train !

Then again, 2005 - FIVE years ago ! MEH !

I'm a conformist!.......hopefully with more update to date stuff ! :wink:

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WHOA, for a second I thought this was the real engine, keep up the good work, and get well from the shoulder soon :thumbup::classic:

Yeah, looks a lot like the "official set". I thought that too for a few secs.

Have to say, I normally prefer steam engines, but I've not come across a LEGO diesel or electric that I didn't like at least something about.

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