[MOC] - 25 Years of Adventure Cat. C - Otto Shnurrbart’s M3 half-track

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I am happy to present my entry in the Category C - Ride to Adventure..."Otto Shnurrbart’s M3 half-track".

“In a wild twist of fate, Jack Storm and Harvey Blitheworth find themselves in a sand-swept race against the notorious tomb robbers led by Otto Shnurrbart.

Determined to protect their newly liberated sarcophagus of Amset-Ra, our heroes dart across the desert like caffeinated roadrunners, with Otto's goons hot on their heels.
Now, Otto may not be the poster child for subtlety; he's more like a bull in a china shop with a flamethrower. Seriously, his idea of diplomacy is probably smashing through walls and shouting, "I'm here!"

It's safe to say there are few obstacles that cannot be overcome by an M3 half-track with a mounted 50 caliber machine gun…”


Camel crossing by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr


Camel crossing by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr


Roadkill on the menu by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr

This MOC also happens to be my half of a collaborative display I made with my good friend Pixel Fox for the Paredes Fan weekend 2023.
Pixel Fox’s part of the display features the heroes’ Land Rover that is trying to escape the bad guys who are chasing them.

The setting of this desert chase scene is inspired by the adventures of Jack Storm, a fictional character invented by Pixel Fox and featured in his LEGO comic “The Island” that can be read here.
(see also this link for downloads to tablet and e-readers downloadable files)


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