[MOC] - 25 Years of Adventure Cat. B - Dr. Kilroy's Library

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Dr. Kilroy retreats to his personal library to record his adventures and plan for new expeditions. Two huge bookshelves brimming with knowledge help him research the flora, fauna, customs, and cultures of any country in the known world. Copies of the maps used in his original adventures hang on the walls of the library, and a large globe helps him plan trips to new destinations. 


Today, Dr. Kilroy is researching the potential origins of an artifact found on a remote island.


Dr. Kilroy's library includes a large desk, a lamp, a comfortable armchair, a large globe, bookshelves with a ladder on a curved rail, and of course, plenty of books.




Thanks for viewing!


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Very nice! Good to see another Kilroy entry. I wish there was more going on here than a big wall of plates books, a desk, and some maps, but I guess that’s fitting for a library. 

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