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Dragon Masters Kingdom

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Welcome to the Dragon Masters Kingdom, a part of the EBRP game! Here you will find all the information you need to know, and a lot more as well, concerning the Dragon Masters Kingdom. This is a long-term project for me, so new information will be added regularly. This first post will serve as an index to link you to the various pieces of information throughout the thread.

By the way, this is an Information Index Only! Please do not reply to this thread. All discussion can be done either in the EBRP Discussion Thread or by PM with me. Thanks in advance for your consideration. :classic:

This topic will go into a lot of detail, so if you really want to start reading, be prepared to spend a bit of time doing it. For a more general summary, please refer to the EBRP Faction Summary Thread. Here you can find the key information you need, with links back to this topic for more detailed information if you are interested. The summary is not up yet, but will be very soon.

Please remember that this is a work in progress and it will take some time before a lot of information is added. Thanks in advance for your patience. If there is something about the kingdom that you need to know immediately for plot reasons, feel free to PM me and I'll be happy to explain it to you.

As there is not much here yet, here is an overview of what's coming up first:

- A run down of the military, including detailed pictures of the various uniforms used throughout the kingdoms history, an in depth discussion of the various ranks and 'special' positions, as well as the different legions found in the various regions of the land and the four different sections. An top of this there will be a nice description of the different plumes and helmets used to denote rank, and how they have changed throughout the history of the kingdom (formerly an empire, but more on that later as well). Also included will be a description of weapons. After I finish all that (if I ever do :grin:) there will probably be some other military things, such as history, including battles and famous commanders, plus anything else I think of in the meantime. There will also be some new characters that come of this.

- Regions of the Kingdom, including geographic landmarks, industries, major cities etc.

- Cities, towns, major military outposts, landmarks etc.

- The various groups, such as political groups, the aristocracy (including the various Houses and an explanation of the Alliances), religious groups, merchants/trading partners (also types of trade including major imports/exports and where they are produced, including agriculture and industry).

- A solid currency

- A calender, which will apply to the entire continent

- The Religion

- A separate write-up of each character

For more information on upcoming stuff, see this post in the discussion thread.

Thanks to all the other EBRP players who are supporting me in this little venture, especially ImperialShadows, WhiteFang, KhoRne, and all my other gaming friends. It will be fun and I look forward to it. I also hope that this topic will be able to help many of you understand the kingdom a little more. :sweet:


The index, as it is:

1. Index Post

2. Short History of the Kingdom


Well, not much yet, but it will grow. :grin:

If you have any questions, then please feel free to ask me in the discussion thread, or by PM. I would also love to hear feedback, so post any of that there too. If you have any suggestions of things you'd like me to explain about the Kingdom, or would like some help working on your own project, feel free to ask, I am always willing to help. Well, that's all for now!


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A Short History of the Kingdom

Including an overview of the events that lead to its creation

The Dragon Masters Kingdom, when compared to many of the other kingdoms, is very old. However, it is fairly new in respect to the ancient kingdoms of old.

It was not always called the Dragon Masters Kingdom. This name was introduced in the year 859 AE, after the final collapse of the old Northern Kingdom, which controlled the current territories of the Classic Castle, Black Falcon, Black Knight and Dragon Master kingdoms. The history of the land itself stretches a lot further back than that however.

Long before the arrival of humans in the land, the continent was ruled by dragons. The culture and intelligence of this once mighty kingdom, known as the Kingdom of Dragons when translated from the dragon tongue, was and still is beyond the comprehension of humans. These dragons built massive cities, with buildings stretching miles into the skies, and the greatest beauty and architecture ever seen on the face of the world. There technological advancement far surpassed anything that had been, or is now. They were a peaceful lot, dedicated to beauty, philosophy and the search for the Ultimate Truth.

It was during a terrible time in the history of the Kingdom of Dragons that humans arrived on their shores. A 200 year feud was in progress between the followers of Spirious the Sly, a member of the ancient council that ruled the kingdom under the Royal Dragons, and King Frimous the Great. Spirious wanted to take power from the king and turn the Kingdom into what we would call a Democracy, while the King stood his ground. The continent was divided, and many of the great cities were destroyed before the humans even landed on the shores.

The humans gradually started to take control of the continent, starting in the far south where they landed and working towards the north. By the time the ruling dragons realized what was happening, it was nearly too late. They fought back, and so the War of 100 Years, known as the Great Eradication to the dragons, began. The end of this war, after its many valiant battles, in which many a hero rose and fell and legends were created, saw the end of the dragons as they once were. Gone were the many great cities, and lost were their many great technologies. The barbaric humans, unable to read the elegant script that the dragons wrote in, burned their libraries and purged the earth of their many artful creations. It was probably the greatest loss the world ever had, and ever will see. The dragons retreated from the land, and the few that were left sealed themselves in the Sacred Valley of the Dragons, not to be seen again for many hundreds of years.

The humans, now the dominant species of the land, set up the Agaetian Empire, under the leadership of Emperor Frederick the Invincible. The capital was the city of Dratos, which was located where Dragons Keep now stands. It was one of the very few dragon cities that survived the 100 year war, and although by far not one of the grandest, it was still a marvel to behold. The empire existed for over 300 years, in which time many great wars were fought, rebellions put down and monuments built. It was the greatest time in human history, but was not destined to last. The Empire fell, mainly due to the great build up of corruption in the government officials and the weaknesses of the army. But that is a story for another day.

From the wreckage of the Empire emerged a new people. Free from any sort of government, the small villages made their own small states and governed themselves. It was a few years after the collapse of the Empire that a scholar, Duon Freelance, created the new calendar that we know and use today.

For around 200 years, the city of Dratos sat unoccupied. The buildings dilapidated and many collapsed, while the great council chambers and Imperial Palace crumbled and fell. Without the dragons to sustain them, most of the ancient cities had already long disappeared into the earth. In the year 214 AE, a small group of refugees came to the old city, of which not much remained. There they built a small village, which over the next 300 years grew into a mighty city. By the year 564 AE, the Northern Kingdom had been officially set up. During this time, a number of other kingdoms, including the Southern Alliance had also sprung up. Since the 6th Century, people had slowly been gathering together and the cities that we know today grew out of this.

It was during the 6th century that dragons soon began to be sited on rare occasions. Hostilities still held towards them, and many a kingdom would offer rewards to the brave man that brought to the leaders a dragons head. Dragons were an almost extinct species by this time.

A young ruler of the Northern Kingdom, King Clive the Kind, had a soft spot for dragons, and in 745 AE declared them to be a protected species within his kingdom. For the first time in over 1000 years, dragons were to be given a place in human society. Many an emissary was sent to the dragons in vain to set up an alliance, and it was not until 778 AE, when King Clive’s son, King Griand II, sent a large gift of gold and dwarven smith work to the dragons, that contact was made. The dragons were accepted into society, and the dragon tongue became a second language to the kingdom. In 786 AE, the Air Marshals, a military contingent of dragon riders, was established. Many dragons left the still secret Valley of the Dragons, and came to make friends with the humans. Many dragon families never left the valley however, and even in the prime of its existence, no more than 40 dragons ever served in the Air Marshals at one time. Dragons had almost become extinct, and it would take many hundreds of years before they would recover.

The ruling family of the Northern Kingdom were descendants of the last emperor that ruled the Empire. Today, this family continues to rule, as the royal family of the Dragon Masters Kingdom, the only modern kingdom to still hold ties to the ancient Agaetian Empire. The nobility of the kingdom consists of a number of Houses, and the politics between these groups is deep and intricate. The Northern Kingdom was a great nation, and conquered many other smaller states and kingdoms, including the mighty lands of Ankoria in 856 AE. It was holding on to all its territory that eventually saw the fall of the Northern Kingdom, after the death of its last king, King Quarion, the last true descendant of the ancient Emperors of the Agaetian Empire, or so it is believed. One of the Kings cousins, Separtis, now took control, and renamed the emerging country as the Dragon Masters Kingdom. King Separtis was the grand father of King Dracus.

It was with this new ruler that the Dragon Masters Kingdom as it is known today was made. Up until the year 954 AE, the kingdom was almost twice the size, including all the land of Ankoria. However, the Ankorians at this time revolted from their oppression and, because of the bad health of the king, almost conquered the whole kingdom. It was because of the valiant efforts of Lord Dragonator, a mysterious man who had appeared in the kingdom during their time of need, that the kingdom was saved. Over the previous 30 years, during the rule of King Dracus, the dragons had been neglected and had mostly returned to their sacred valley. After the Ankorian uprising, Dragons were once more an outlawed species, despite every effort of the new Senior Councilor Dragonator. The Air Marshals were disbanded, and dragons were no more seen in the land.

Only a few years ago, in 963 AE, Lord Dragonator secretly re-established the Air Marshals, with a total of 12 dragons. It was apparent that his lordship was working through a master plan, one that had been in the works for decades. There was more to this character than met the eye.

*It is at this point that the EBRP game began. All writings from here on are based on the happenings within the story, and will be updated at the end of each story arc*

In the year 965 AE, Lord Dragonator set out for the southern city of the kingdom, Dromindur, intending to re-establish the Old Alliance, an alliance that once consisted between the old Northern Kingdom and its neighbours to the east and south. The alliance was broken after the Orc invasion of 858 AE, which left all the kingdoms severely weakened. It was Dragonator’s aim to create a strong alliance once again in the face of a rising evil in the land.

The meeting was infiltrated by Ankorian spies however, and only a day after the treaty was signed, the Dragon Masters Kingdom was invaded. A bloody battle took place in Dromindur, ending with the defeat of the Ankorians. Lord Dragonator and his small army then marched back to Dratos, the capital city, intent on retaking Dragons Keep. After meeting up with a small battalion of three dragon knights lead by the brave Commander Thaddius of the southern contingent of the Air Marshals, the men marched on Dratos and re-took it from the Ankorians. After the battle was won, it was discovered that King Dracus was dead, and that his successor was to be Lord Dragonator himself. The noble houses were still to return from the summer palace in Hamenwear, after which it was expected there would be great opposition to the succession…

That brings us to the current moment in time (on July 14, 2008). If you have read all of this, I am very proud of you. Remember that this is a summary and many events, as well as other important details, have been left out. These things will be explained later in this thread.

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