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Kings Port Advertiser and Ship List (Vol. 8, Special Issue 2a)

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July 623, Vol. 8, Special Issue 2a

Coalition forces triumph!

Olean Commander takes charge

In preparation for the battle, General Hercule François took the initiative and forged a plan of combining the Eslandian and Corlander forces in Seawatch with his own force in Fort Arltrees. Despite being senior of all coalition commanders present on El Oleonda, it must have galled particularly the Redcoats to submit to Bluecoat plans, but true to their utilitarian ways, they saw the merits of the plan, and agreed. Eslandian commanders appear to have submitted quietly.

Apart from staff-work, Olean forces conducted significant reconnaissance, including several notable skirmishes with Lotii forces. Additionally, incredible feats of logistics were conducted to get the forces into position to execute the plan. This included trundling guns over hilly passes, establishing new roads, and erecting semaphore stations.

(Tactical score for OL: 5/5 - awarded for colossal building effort and excellent tactics)

Corlander forces harassing the left flank

The Olean plan of attack was, despite historical differences, deemed competent, and Brigadier Allcock and staff set about confounding the enemy within its wide limits. Much like the Bluecoats, Corlander skirmishers and hussars have conducted extensive offensive reconnaissance, engaging Lotii forward positions, and even taking down watchtowers and camps. No doubt these efforts lessened the blow of the Lotus ambush.

In the rear, massive camps were erected to accommodate the forces, ensuring the future reconstitution of forces.

(Tactical score for COR: 4/5 - awarded for massive building effort, taking part in a good plan, and a sound tactical approach to battle)

Eslandian forces fall in with plan

Whether the trade company troops of Eslandola, or a limited support of their crown, Eslandian commanders made little fuss about the campaign, and quietly fell in with the overall scheme. Consisting largely of Tercios, the Eslandian capacity for forward reconnaissance was limited, and Greencoat forces were preserved for the main assault, where the pike and shot formations would again show their formidable staying power.

(Tactical score for ESL: 2/5 - awarded for taking part in a good plan, and an interesting battle formation. Limited building effort limited the score, however)

Lotus high command prepares for controlled withdrawal?

It appears the Lotus high command had hoped to lure the full coalition force into an ambush, but were taken aback by the excellent plan and execution of the combined coalition. However, the ambush tactics will allow for an ordered retreat, limiting losses among the main force by sacrificing some light units.

(Tactical score for LOT: 3/5 - awarded for a good sound plan to meet the Corlander attack, but limited by not directly addressing the full plan of the coalition and the (relative to coalition side) limited building)

The Lotus Empire is forced into retreat!

We bring below a direct transcript from our reporter in Seawatch, who with a number of correspondents, was embedded in Coalition forces, experiencing the battle first hand!


The sun rose over the battleground, and the tension was palpable as the forces of Eslandola, Corrington, and Oleon stood ready to face the formidable might of the Lotus Empire. The coalition forces had spent days preparing and planning their attack, while the Lotus forces were cunningly concealing their true intentions.

On the coalition's side, the Eslandian heavy tercios formed a solid wall in the center, flanked by the line infantry and heavy cavalry of Corrington to the East. Corlander light forces, including hussars and light infantry, positioned themselves to harass the enemy's right flank. Meanwhile, Olean forces waited patiently in the rainforests to the West, their field artillery and heavy infantry poised to surprise the enemy's left flank as soon as the Lotus was engaged by the main assault.

As the battle commenced, the coalition forces charged forward, intent on engaging the enemy head-on. The Eslandian tercios marched with unwavering discipline, their pikes bristling in the sunlight. The Corlander line infantry unleashed a volley of musket fire, and their heavy cavalry thundered forward, their sabres drawn.

However, the Lotus Empire had a different plan in mind. Their right flank feigned a retreat, drawing the eager Corlander forces forward, falling into the trap set by the cunning enemy. The Lotus ninjas, hidden in the dense forests of the island, struck with deadly precision. In a flash, they ambushed the unsuspecting Corlander troops, causing chaos and confusion.

The Corlander light forces on the coalition's flank fought valiantly to counter the ninja ambush, but the damage was done. The Corlander forces were thrown into disarray, but soon managed to regroup and rally. With WTC forces forming the vanguard and taking up the general melee, the regular Corlander forces were bought time to reform and respond, avoiding disaster.

At the same time, the Olean forces, led by their skilled commanders, recognised the enemy's initial retreat as a ruse and did not fall for the trap. Instead, they advanced methodically on the enemy's left flank, unleashing a devastating barrage of artillery fire and engaging the Lotus lines with their shock troops.

The Olean assault caught the Lotus positions off guard, and they struggled to respond effectively. With the coalition's forces now bearing down on both flanks, the Lotus Empire found itself in a precarious position.

The Eslandian tercios, undeterred by the enemy's tactics, pressed forward with determination, their heavy pikemen shielding the musketeers from enemy counter-assaults. They clashed with the main force of the Lotus Empire, pushing back the Lotus regulars. The superior discipline and training of the tercios proved crucial in gaining ground against the enemy.

Seeing the perilous situation, the Lotus commander was forced to make retreat. Realising they could not match the coalition's combined might and flanking tactics, they wisely chose to preserve their forces for another day.

The coalition forces had achieved their objective of forcing the enemy to retreat. While not a decisive victory, it was a strategic win. The Lotus Empire had underestimated the strength and coordination of the coalition forces, and their retreat was a testament to the effectiveness of the coalition's well-executed plan.

As the dust settled and the smoke cleared, the coalition forces regrouped, taking stock of their losses and celebrating their accomplishments. They knew the battle was far from over, but this day had shown the potential of their combined strength.

The coalition commanders met to review the battle and plan for future engagements. The Lotus Empire's cunning tactics had been met with resilience and adaptability from the coalition. Lessons were learned, and preparations were made to continue the fight.

The sun began to set over the battlefield, casting a golden glow on the warriors who stood side by side, united in their cause. The war raged on, and the fate of Terra Nova hung in the balance. But for now, the coalition forces had taken a step forward in their pursuit of victory.

No news from Jiangkai

From Jiangkai in the South, Olean guerillas led by Captain Guillaume "Tiger" Dupont set out to target the enemy logistics and communications, and rumours has it that the retreating Lotii forces have had their southern flank much harassed, increasing the Lotus losses considerably.

However, the "Tiger" and his troops have yet to make their presence known in Jiangkai, and it is unknown whether they have been defeated, went into hiding, or continue to harass the enemy!

(Plus 10 % losses to Lotus)


The Lotus suffers a loss, forced into tactical retreat back to their settlements in the East.

All commanders (Lotus, COR (Allcock), ESL (Unknown?), and OL (Hercule Francois and Guillaume Dupont) gain +1 xp.

ESL forces in the brunt of the assault took 20 % losses, while Corlander and Olean forces took 15 %. Lotus forces were hit harder, loosing 15 % to the initial battle, and an additional 10 % from the guerilla activities, for a total loss of 25 % of their forces.




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58 minutes ago, Bregir said:

All commanders (Lotus, COR (Allcock), ESL (Unknown?), and OL (Hercule Francois and Guillaume Dupont) gain +1 xp.

ESL commander was General Alonzo, veteran of the Eslando-Mardierian war.

Any chance he could gain xp credit for that campaign as well?

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On 7/23/2023 at 1:45 PM, Bregir said:

All commanders (Lotus, COR (Allcock), ESL (Unknown?), and OL (Hercule Francois and Guillaume Dupont) gain +1 xp.

Can I recommend Beauchamp to recieve that +1xp instead of Hercule Francois? He really did nothing but sit on a horse, drink copiously and yell "fire". Beauchamp was the man who actually developed the strategy, if I remember correctly? For reasons that will shortly become clear, and xp would be wasted on Francois...

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Wow, great news accompanied by a superb writing up! Thanks to  @Bregir and all the guys keeping our ship rolling!

Now I have to go… those muskets aren’t going to reload by themselves, and we’ll need them again quite soon…

On a side note: did the coalition discover anything about the rough number of the Lotii soldiers involved in the fights, or maybe the number of killed and prisoners? For our future plans it could be useful to know if we faced 500 or 5000 enemies, even if I expect some “fog of war”

Edited by Keymonus

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