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Dutch Thriceman

Ramen Shop - 16x16 Modular

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Greetings, it's been a while since I last visited Eurobricks. Today I want to present my new project as well as ask for feedback on it.


I've always wanted to make my own City/Modular buildings but the 32x32 footprint or price of modular sets has always been too much for me. I discovered de-marco's various modular buildings all taking up no more then a 16x16 footprint some time ago and felt inspired and also realized that 16x16 is a perfectly possible scale to work with. Combine that with a beautiful shelf city lay-out I saw at my cousin's and I decided I wanted to create my own 'Shelf City' with 16x16 scale modular buildings. Themed in a near future / 'almost but not quite' Cyberpunkish setting. This particular building is based of off a french artists drawing I found, this frontside layout is roughly the same as the drawing although I added more details. And will probably be the most traditional/old school looking building in my layout with a currently on the way W.I.P. Office Building and Police Station already being a lot more 'out there' if you will. Also want to shout out The Inventor for being one of my favorite and most inspirational builders at the moment when it comes to (smaller scale) architecture although his work isn't quite as small as mine.

Fun fact, this is the first complete building (not just a facade) that I've ever made in Lego.


The other side of the Ramen Shop, since my self imposed ruleset is a 16x16 scale modular footprint including overhang I was limited on the back sides by a one stud width. I'm still quite happy with the details I managed to add within my footprint but any feedback or advice is appreciated. I'd very much would like to improve the 'Where Are My Pants' show advertisment board so any tips for that would be great. As the gaps there still do bother me.


First floor interior of the Ramen Shop, featuring a seating area, a loading dock with supply boxes, a kitchen with drawers, a cutting area, stove and sink as well as a fridge in the back.


Second floor interior of the Ramen Shop, featuring a bathroom, bed and desk with pc.


Third floor interior of the Ramen Shop, featuring a terrace as well as an even smaller appartment.

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17 hours ago, _TLG_ said:

Nice details!

Thanks! :pir-huzzah1:

9 hours ago, LEGO Train 12 Volts said:

Wow amazing building, beautiful interior for this street food shop. :thumbup:

I like the intriguing architectural details of this building! :wub_drool:


Thank you for the kind words :pir-huzzah2:

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Posted (edited)
On 7/18/2023 at 9:43 AM, Thena said:

At first I read it as "Raven Shop".

That's so raven! Hold tight the raven crew.

Edited by Dutch Thriceman

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Now i want to add this Japanese restaurant to my city!! Nice work! :) 

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