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REVIEW: 672 Fire Engine

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Fire Engine

Set #: 672

Year Released: 1979

Piece Count: 66

Minifigs: 1

List Price: < $10 USD

This was a great little set that made a nice addition to Engine Co. #9

The set included one fireman fig (sticker not shown) with a fire axe/hatchet:


The Fire Engine pulled a small back section that could be an exrtra supply of water and/or supplies.


Here's the engine itself. The only difference than the original is the small white water faucet piece (pictured, as opposed to the original which was yellow).


At a different angle:


I should mention that the grey ladder also extends.

The back opens and contains a small string used as a hose:


The entire set:


Although this set did not contain an open driver area for minifig placement, it was still a nice little engine to put out those Legoland fires.

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This is a very "small" fire engine, compared to the rest of the fire engine models. :tongue:

This is a nice little set, that can be used to match with the 590 Fire Station. The design is nice, but I am not really fond of the overall package. Because it is not able to house the driver at the front especially when it included a mini-fig for it. The hose is a very nice feature, and is kept safely behind the grey window shutters.

I couldn't give a very high rating for it, unlike other vintage sets. I could only give it a "3". It is good to have, for completeness to match with the entire fire fighting theme back in the 70s. :sweet:

Brickster, thanks for this another lovely review. :thumbup:

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did you replace some cylinders there? in those days those cylinders had a solid stud, instead of a hollow one, right?

i never had this set, but as a kid I would have bought space first of all anyway. this truck just isn't appealing to me for several reasons:

1) think it has a lack of playability: a fire truck should be more than just a ladder on top and something i would not be able to identify ... i gues it's an auxiliary power unit?

2) 2 figs would have been waaay better! in those days, we were most of all interested in building an army of firefighters. i didn't really need firesets to build a fleet of trucks, i could always build those myself...

3) i'm surprised to see the printed 1x4 at the front, instead of modified bricks... this set looks waaaaay older than 1979...

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