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Hi Folks, let me allow to share a new creation.

This replica of famous Volvo Iron Knight Race-Truck is completely built with parts only from set 42156 Peugeot 9x8 Hypercar as an alternate model (B-model). Only a copy of donor set 42156 is needed to build this iconic truck.

You can buy the instructions for this model here if you're interested in building.


Features & Functions

  • openable doors on both sides
  • HoG-steering with removable knob
  • independent push rod suspension in front and back
  • V6-engine with moving pistons connected to rear differential
  • openable lid in back to see suspension working
  • Volvo brand with no sticker
  • detailed design and interior
  • lights that are glowing in the dark
  • modular building with splitted premium PDF-instructions
  • measures 44cm x 20cm x 18cm











Lights in front are made with fluorescent bars from donor set to represent instantly recognizable headlights. A Lego addicted heart beats higher for the first time when the iconic V-shaped lights are glowing in the dark.





No custom sticker

Thanks to the inventory I'm happy to share my first model with a completely brick built front to recognize Volvo's brand only with pieces from 42156 and without any need for custom sticker.





The model uses a soft push rod suspension in front and back. Due the fact that this truck is two studs shorter in wide than its base model, the suspension design is not only a simple copy, but an own approach with a way different building instead. Through an openable lid in the back, the suspension can be watched working.




Driving and steering the truck works directly with a steering knob on top of the cabin. This steering knob is removable and can be easily pulled out for better displaying the model.




The real Iron Knight uses a straight 6 piston engine instead of V6. Due limited inventory and missing crankshaft parts, it was not possible to form a straight working engine out of V6. Some compromises are made here and as a result, this alternate model uses a working V6-engine with moving pistons.



Instructions & building process

Premium instructions for this model comes in two separate PDF-files with high quality images and building steps very close to the original Lego Technic ones to ensure a satisfying building experience.
Building this Iron Knight alternate model starts with the 249 pages long main PDF to finish the rear end first with differential and suspension included.


The second instruction file takes over to assemble the entire front section together with a suspension and steering system you never built before. After 132 pages the front section becomes married with the rear end.


Frames and structural elements are added to make the model solid. The working V6-engine becomes attached and connected to the rear differential through drivetrain.


More parts are added to form characteristic lines and shapes, getting closer to a real looking Volvo Iron Knight.


Some parts of the cabin are attached and the drivers seat and doors take place at their final spot of the model.


After 381 pages of joyful building in total, this Volvo Iron Knight alternate model is finished in all glory and ready to drive on your shelf or desk.


Grab instructions here

Crafted in Sweden. Rebricked with passion in germany. 
Have fun with this 42156 Volvo Iron Knight alternate build.

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This thing didn't get enough praise. What a B-Model!

The panel work on the front is superb!

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