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Hello everyone!

Almost one year passed since I've posted my very first alternate model, so I decided to make another one.

With the new John Deere Skidder (42157), I bought its smaller brother as well - and the idea was born...

It definitely wasn't a hauler from the beginning, my intention was to build something completely different, which just didn't go well.

Building time was around 5 hours, therefore one well-spent afternoon, though I improved the coloring the next day :laugh_hard:

This time I also decided to get rid of traditional white background and change my presentation a bit, hope you like it.


The model features:

  1.  Articulated steering with HOG behind the cabin
  2. Tilting the cargo bed











About 91% of parts provided by the set were used (none of them were spares), render with leftover parts is shown below:


And a 360° view (could be better, however I don't really have 17 500 hours of time to waste *huh*):


And last but not least - a short demonstration video:

If anyone is interested, instructions can be found on Rebrickable.

Thank you for visiting & any comments are welcome as always :)

Edited by MP LEGO Technic creations
Edit of an edit of a typo :)

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Another great alternative model for 42136. Thanks for sharing this, and it looks great, particularly the long front overhang. 

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