[MOC] - 25 Years of Adventure Cat. B - The Pharaoh’s Rap

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I am happy to present my entry in the Category B - From the office of....Pharaoh Hotep

Can immortal beings go through a mid-death crisis...? And if they can, when on earth would it strike?

Well, let's dive into the fascinating tale of Pharaoh Hotep, a timeless ruler who found himself in a pyramid-sized pickle.
It all began in 2011, when LEGO released the Pharaoh's Quest series. Talk about an ancient punch in the gut! Hotep had been relegated to the shadows while his rival, Amset-Ra, stole the spotlight as the hero. Deep down, Hotep yearned for a mere cameo, a fleeting moment of fame, but alas, nobody gave a sphinx's whisker about him anymore.
This was rock bottom for our bewildered Pharaoh. He spiraled into depression, and even his ever-loyal mummies grew tired of his ceaseless whinging.
But hope shimmered like a desert mirage when his therapist dropped a quirky suggestion: "Find a hobby, mate!"

Now, Hotep was no ordinary ruler. Well hidden beneath that regal facade beat the heart of a true music enthusiast. So, imagine the astonishment of his entourage when he revealed his newfound passion for... rap music! 
Pharaoh Hotep underwent a transformative rebirth as "Po-eth" and decided to convert an unused funeral chamber into his personal recording studio. 
Here he is, adorned in golden chains and draped in royal swag, laying down his epic first single, "The Pharaoh's Rap."

And that, my friends, is how an ancient ruler resurrected his groove, proving that even an eternal being can unleash their inner hip-hop superstar. 


The Pharaoh’s Rap by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr


Recording by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr


Mummy sound engineer by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr

As a bonus, I leave you with the lyrics of Po-eth's 1st single.

Listen up, y'all, gather 'round, I'm 'bout to unfold, 
The tale of Pharaoh Hotep, a legend untold. 
In ancient Egypt, he ruled the land, 
Guarding the Re-Gou Ruby with a red iron hand.

Hotep, the Pharaoh, resting in his ancient tomb, 
Traps and puzzles, ready to seal trespassers doom. 
Johnny Thunder ventured in, seeking the prize, 
Unaware of the trials, where danger lies.

This is the Pharaoh's rap, let it be heard, 
Po-eth on the mic, droppin' rhymes, absurd. 
Hotep's domain, where legends come alive,
Red hands unleashed, blazing through the vibe.

Within the tomb, his legacy remains,
Chambers rigged with traps, causing screams and pains.
Baron von Barron dared to steal the precious stone,
Unaware of the curse that would soon be known.

The Ruby vanished, a mysterious feat,
Pharaoh Hotep emerged, victory complete.
Dragging the Baron into the depths unknown,
Red hands glowing, his power fully shown.

This is the Pharaoh's rap, let it be heard, 
Po-eth on the mic, droppin' rhymes, absurd. 
Hotep's domain, where legends come alive,
Red hands unleashed, blazing through the vibe.

Hotep's legacy lives on, a timeless tale,
His spirit in the rhymes, his rap won't fail.
Lego Adventurers, a world of dreams,
Where Pharaohs rap and nothing's as it seems.

So remember the tale of the Pharaoh's might,
Red hands of power, shining through the night.
In Lego Adventurers, his story prevails,
Po-eth's rap legacy, a treasure that never fails.


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