[MOC] - 25 Years of Adventure Cat. A - No cake for Sam Sinister

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I am happy to present my entry in the Category A - Great Adventure

Welcome to Camelback Manor, the assisted living facility where Johnny Thunder and Sam Sinister spice up their golden years with thrilling adventures!

On this particular day, the grand event was a high-stakes Monopoly game, with a scrumptious cake as the ultimate prize. As luck would have it, Johnny emerged as the victor, playing fair and square. But lo and behold, Sam Sinister, being his mischievous self, had a different opinion. He dramatically points his hook at Johnny, accusing him of cheating with a twinkle in his eye.

In a delightful twist, the whole retirement community bursts into laughter, knowing that Sam's accusations hold no weight. However, little does Sam know, Johnny's wheelchair has been secretly modified with turbo boosters, courtesy of their mischievous grandkids. As Sam puffs out his chest, ready to challenge Johnny, our wheeled hero zooms away at lightning speed, leaving Sam in his dust, grinning from ear to ear.

And so, the Monopoly game might have ended, but the race for retirement glory has just begun at Camelback Manor!


No cake for Sam Sinister by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr



Johnny Thunder (retired) by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr

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