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Set Name: Police Headquarters

Set #: 585

Year Released: 1975

Piece Count: 280

Minifigs: 4

List Price: unknown

This was my first Classic Town Police Station, and a great set for it's time. Starting with the instructions:


Alternate models:


Check out these old motorcycles. They included a 1x1 black tile, 2 1x1 clear round bricks, and a faceless fig with sawed off legs.


This little police car was my favorite. It was so simple, but at the time, looked great!


I also liked the prison wagon:


In the back were two shutter doors to lock up a single faceless culprit:


I was never too fond of the simple helicopter design:


And the simple faceless figs with an extra 1x2 white plate for a belt:


Here's the station:


What I really liked is that the set had no stickers, but rather all printed pieces.

And the "L 10" roof design:


Check out the Police and telephone bricks:


I always loved this unique Police sign:


The back isn't too exciting:


The complete set, a real gem in the Very-Classic Town collection:


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Great review! I too liked the old police car better than today's. There have many police stations over the years, and I still think that this one is good enough to compete with todays gigantic new police station. :thumbup:

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Another nice review, TheBrickster! :thumbup: I'd never seen this set before, I haven't really looked at the "scary dummy minifig" sets in much interest, but this one has a goooood design, I like the car also. If this set was out now, I would buy it rather than a big Lego police station. :sweet:


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