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JS-81 Stalker

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One of the newer jungle speeder-bikes out there, the Stalker is a highly advanced speeder, capable of moving at 400 MPH (Although that speed is not needed often.) It is used for recon, assault missions, and much more.


Armor: Class 12 Titanium shielding

Armament: 2 Heavy duty anti-armor launchers.

Engine: Xcelotron 57 Engine

Speed: Up to 400 MPH

Fuel Efficiency: 400 MPG! (It's a hybrid.)

Fuel Tank: 12 Gallons

Awesome Rating: 400%

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A simple, but still very good speeder.

Apparently you like green and grey it seems.

Nice work.

I've added it to the index.

Also a very nicely MOC'ed minifig you've done there.


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