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[MOC] Improved Flathead V8 Fake Engine

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Hi you all!

This is my new elaborate fake engine inspired by the Ford flathead V8

It features full valve-train again with a central chain-driven camshaft (thanks to the new blue 12 teeth gear) and 16 valves in the signature flathead pattern. Intake valves are gray and exhaust valves are yellow. The crankshaft is quite usual fake engine pieces but the connecting rods are built to be twice as long as usual. The left cylinder head is hinged to show the movement of the pistons and valves.

The spark plugs wiring is made with 0.8/1.6 electric whire (non-lego). The huge light blueish gray intake box (between the engine and the carburator+my favourite air filters) is inspired by landspeed racing engines and this video mostly. from my last similar creation is ease to build and tune, valvetrain reliability and esthetic (at least to my eye). It does'nt need any rare piece to build anymore and the valvetrain is now reliable without string or tricky technique.


The last flaw of this design that I can't fix is about valve timing. Because of size and lego restrictions I have to use the same cams on the camshaft for both cylinder rows and because of engine configuration it can't be set to do a proper job on both. First I divided the error and had a side with valves a little late and little early on the other side. It annoyed my inner perfectionist and I decided to hinge left side only and set "perfectly" the valve timing on the cylinders that can be seen. (currently working on a configuration where this could not be an issue but that's no V engine)

I'll make a digital version and valve timing tuning instructions if there's interest





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That's pretty cool, and impressive that you were able to build it around standard size cylinder elements!

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